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Graphical Temperature How to check it correctly?

Graphical Method:

If you are one of those people who works on a desktop PC, it is important that you know the Graphical Temperature of it, since it helps us to see how the monitors work or the one that allows you to play video games without your computer overheating. graphical method

Graphical Temperature graphical method

When you work with a desktop PC and you also play video games on it and also perform normal activities on it, it is important that you know the temperature of your GPU, the Windows system has not yet developed an application pre-installed on it to know the temperature. But there are free applications that you can download and help you solve the temperature of your computer.

How to check the temperature?

If you are one of those who have an AMD Radeon graphics card with the updated version of the Radeon Adrenalin Software, then you have it simple. In 2017 AMD added a Radeon Overlay tool within its configuration that will allow you to monitor the performance of your GPU.

This tool, in addition to showing information when you play or perform any activity on your computer, includes that it shows the Graphic Temperature of your card, just by opening the Raeo Software and activating the Overlay tool. As well as pressing Alt + R and then pressing Crtl + Shif + 0.

In this way you will be able to visualize not only the graphic temperature of your card, as well as the power it has in use, the RAM memory used, among other things. There are other users who use Nvidia GeForce graphics but it has the problem that these cards do not provide this option for this tool.

But if there are other manufacturers of graphics cards, that if they offer these specialized Softwares for the measurement of Graphic Temperature, through GPU Overclocking, whose tool usually shows the most critical measurements of the graphics card. One of the most used and recommended is Afterburner from MSI, which has an advantage that it can work with Nvidia GeForce and even with AMD Radeon.

When you start this program, it will be in charge of showing you the most important data about the performance of your GPU, in addition to allowing you to customize it to the liking you want and get to run it while you are playing your video game or while doing any activity on your computer. . If you want to download it, you can do it through its official MSI page. graphical method

What is the correct temperature on my GPU?

Graphical Method:
Graphical Method:

The answer to this question will depend on the model of graphics card you have in your computer, since most graphics cards run without any problem with temperatures close to 90 degrees Celsius when playing on gamine portals, it is possible that reach that temperature. But in desktop computers these temperatures should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius since they must have greater ventilation inside the case.

Moreover, in those boxes that have more ventilation, the temperatures should not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. So if you know that your graphics card has been released on the market for about 5 years or you notice that the temperature rises to more than 90 degrees, start investigating options that allow you to have better ventilation in your GPU in order to avoid problems with your team.

To end this wonderful article that will provide you with useful information, we can say that a high temperature in your computer can cause the useful life of your machine to decrease and also the performance of your computer to decline and become slower, so it is It is very important to have its temperature controlled and thus be able to react in time when it occurs.

To be able to replace the cooling system of your computer and to avoid that you get to burn parts inside your computer due to the excess of temperature. Which is the least you want to happen to your computer, so we will recommend doing these activities frequently: graphical method

  • It is important that you get to control the temperature of your equipment. graphical method
  • Try to always check for excess dirt.
  • Get used to cleaning the outer filters of the box to avoid accumulation of dirt.
  • Maintain the cooling system every 6 months.
  • And changing the thermal paste once a year is highly recommended. graphical method

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