Front End Developer in programming

With the advancement of technology, development in the programming area has increased, highlighting the Front End Developer , because its interface is the part that has the interaction with the user either on a web page. In this article we will see its application. front end developer interview

Front End Developer Interview

front end developer interview
front end developer interview

When a specific application or a specific web page is entered, content is displayed, being the interface in charge of the interaction with the user, this is due to the Front End developer that performs the data and information necessary for navigation in an efficient way . front end developer interview

The Front End developer has various tools and languages ​​that facilitate its function, in the same way at the time of its application it is intended for the benefit of the user, that is why below are the points that it takes into account for its function:

Front End Developer

It is known that the Front End developer is a programmer with various functions among which he is in charge of giving the information to the server to be processed. In this way, it gives the possibility of making a web page work through a striking interface and automatically. front end developer interview

It is characterized by developing the interface of the web page, that is, in all the visual part such as the design of the structure, also of the images that are available, in the same way of the writing of the page, of the banners that may be present, of the colors that you can have, among others.

It uses various programming languages, being HTML, CSS and Javascript, these being specific and determined languages ​​for its operation. So you can run these languages ​​the right way.

From this it is possible to obtain a distribution in the composition of the page and with greater efficiency. It can support a wide range of operating systems giving the advantage of reducing loading time. front end developer interview

Thanks to this, the user has the ease of navigating the application or the website, providing tools to improve the graphic design presented. It has the possibility of applying specific templates for the interface of the web page or application.


front end developer interview
front end developer interview
  • It is based on the ease of the website or application.
  • Offers the reduction of complications present
  • It allows the user to use the application or the website without having great knowledge about browsing these platforms


  • It is the entry or permission to use the digital tools that it provides
  • It can be accessed on any device that can support the platform
  • It can offer various possibilities to the user in navigation

User experience

  • It refers to the interaction that occurs between the user with the platform
  • With the execution or the entrance to the page with diverse devices, experience and knowledge in navigation is obtained

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