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How to enter a router of any company?

How to enter a router? It is what we will talk about in this post where we will explain what you have to do in a simple and easy way to have access to the signal of the router that you have available in your house. features of router

How to enter a router? features of router

features of router
what is a router in networking

In this article we will teach you how to enter a router quickly and effectively, regardless of the ADSL or cable company that allows us to change the password, ports and internal parameters or any option that your telephone company has available. Where we will explain it to you through examples with other companies such as Vodafone, Ono, Jazztel and Movistar that can be in any country.

Most users need to access the configuration of their router, mostly to change the WIFI password or the type of encryption because the manufacturers of these equipment provide generic or similar to other models. So it is important that everyone who has a router at home knows how to configure this equipment, put the password and access user, as well as the password and access user of the WIFI network.

Features features of router

features of router
what is a router in networking

Among the characteristics that all routers have, we can mention the following:

  • Some router models have an optical port, which allows them to receive data through optical fibers and high transmission values, which means higher speed.
  • They have a network support based on Ethernet cabling, which allows interconnection with other equipment within the local network.
  • They have basic firewall functions built in.
  • They allow the transmission of voice and multimedia content through internet network protocols from the router to the local network.
  • It has a GUI which means graphical user interface, which makes it possible to manage them through internet browsers using your IP address and user password.


The router is the equipment that will allow us to have an internet connection and access. This device allows us to connect our computer, mobile phones or tablets to the internet through WIFI or wired connection.

Currently inside a house most people have personal computers and one or another may have a desktop computer, so apart from the modem that is used to connect we would have to have a router so that the other devices so many laptops, tablets and cell phones also have the internet signal. And it is when the router exerts its role of supplying internet to all the computers at the same time without any type of problem.

So to have the security that both the signal emitted by the router is received only by the devices that have access to it, so it is a security measure in the use of these devices. So we must learn how to configure them.

Among the things we can do with the router we have:

  • We can open ports.
  • We will have the possibility to configure the WIFI credentials, guest network, channels and frequencies and even the power that the WIFI should have.
  • We can block IP, assign IP information in a fixed way and configure firewalls.
  • There are VPN services for those who have that option.
  • We have game network optimization.
  • Among other functions.

To enter a router of any company features of router

Among the steps that we must follow to configure a router in any company we have the following:

  1. We need the IP address of our router. Where the IP address is a set of numbers that follow a hierarchy in our network, where each computer is assigned a number randomly.

For example, in most domestic networks, the router usually takes the IP address 192.168.01 or and then all the devices that we hit it will have terminations up to 192.168.X.255. That is why to enter our router we must try the following: or features of router

  1. To enter our router we will open the internet browser of our preference and we will write the following in the upper bar: and if nothing happens we will try the following alternative To be able to find out the IP address of your router from an Iphone or Ipad or any phone, you just have to go to WIFI settings and clicking on the circle with the “I”.
  2. If everything has gone well for you, a screen will appear where we will enter the access data to your router, that is, a username and password. Below we will give you some examples, sometimes under the router we will find this data or we can also find out by calling our ADSL / Cable operator.

Examples: Access Data features of router

We will present below the examples of access data:

Movistar router: features of router

  • User: 1234 Password: 1234 / User: admin Password: adminttd / User: 1234 Password: Nothing / User: admin Password: Nothing.

Vodafone router: features of router

  • User: Vodafone Password: Vodafone.

Router Ono: features of router

  • User: admin Pass: admin, User: admin Pass: 1234.

Jazztel router: features of router

  • User: admin Password: admin.

If you cannot get the password you can do a search in Google, for this we must know the router model by looking at the label that the equipment has below, and then place in the search box XXXXX username and password, where XXXXX is the name of the router model. You can also search for information in forums where people share generic access passwords or by calling your operator. features of router

To be able to enter the router we only need to have access to a computer, tablet or mobile, it does not matter what operating system the equipment has, since we will go to an IP address as if you were to enter a web page. Already inside is that we can change the WIFI key, the encryption (WEP, WPA), open ports among other things. features of router

At the beginning, the routers did not have the WIFI capacity, so to connect our computers to the network we needed an RJ45 cable, but we could also connect by network as long as we had the username and password of the router.

Things we can do inside the Router

When we have agreed to enter the router we can do the following things: features of router

  • Change WIFI channel: WIFI networks come to work on different frequencies, where the most used are 2.4Ghz. The channels indicate within a range of 2.4Ghz different exact frequencies.
  • Also change the WIFI password and encryption, here we can change the password for a more secure one within the router.
  • Filtered Mac is like a unique fingerprint for each device that connects to the router, so it can be modified so that certain fingerprints can connect. And in the event that anyone can know your username and password but as it is not found within the filtered Mac, it will not be able to connect to the router.
  • Hide the network this is another option that we have where we hide it so that no one can get to see it first. So for us to connect we need to know the name of our WIFI to locate it and be able to enter it.

The best routers features of router

Below we will give you a list of the best routers that currently exist on the market: features of router

  • Considered best-of-all Netgear Nighthawk RAX50 AX5400, which is full-featured and offers higher speed.
  •  On the other hand, the other standout in terms of performance, is the TP-Link Archer AX6000, which offers Wifi 6 connectivity without compromising its performance.
  •  The easiest to use, Google Nest Wifi, perfect for large houses since it creates a powerful mesh.
  •  Best price, TP-Link AC1200, this is one of the cheapest router with all the basic options of the same.
  •  For gamers we have the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500, it has the feature that gives priority to game services and data to obtain the best results, since it provides you with the fastest possible network so you can play without problems. features of router

Then we must conclude that we should all learn how to enter a router, at any given time, since this is a device that in most homes, offices, companies or any place where they have internet we must have, so that we can know how configure in an easy and proper way. And to be able to make use of them when we need it. features of router

In addition, these explanations given above can be used for any router model without any inconvenience. I hope the above explained will be of great help to you so that without any problems you can configure your router when you need it.

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