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Examples of digital technology and its definition

We will show you the definition and different  examples of digital technology throughout this great article; Thus, you will learn more about this interesting topic that is currently fashionable in the world. Stay to learn more about it. Examples of digital technology

Examples of digital technology

One of the great advances on the planet of technology and that has marked the human being the most, has been the passage from the analog world to the digital world; and with this, man has been presented with great ease in carrying out his tasks.

Examples of digital technology
web server examples

The process has been incredibly fast and continues to go at incredible speed. Not long ago, all of our electronic devices were analog, but little by little, each piece of equipment began to be revolutionized by digital technology.

One of the clearest examples of this evolution are our mobile phones, where all their operation is digital, compared to the previous ones; However, we still see that analog cell phones are manufactured, this because many people continue to use this type of technology. Other examples of digital technology can be seen in cars, in our refrigerators, electric stoves, coffee makers, among other devices.

Defining “digital technology”

Based on the above, you can already deduce what digital technology is. First of all, what is technology? And what is digital? With both concepts separately, we can then elaborate a more concrete definition.

Defining “technology”, according to the definition provided by the RAE:

“Set of theories and techniques that allow the practical use of scientific knowledge.”

From this set, as a result, a series of products are obtained that help improve our quality of life and, incidentally, facilitate our work and tasks.

On the other hand, the RAE defines “digital” as:

“Said of a device or system: That creates, presents, transports or stores information through the combination of bits.”

The main system on which digital products are based is binary; a norm based on a combination of “0” and “1”, and that computers use to process, transmit, calculate, receive and translate information, for us (the human being) to be able to read it.

Now that you know the definition of both terms separately, defining “Digital Technology” would be a set of tools and techniques based (in this case) on the binary system, to facilitate human life on earth. Examples of digital technology

This type of technology considerably improves the quality of life, much more than analog; In addition to showing effectiveness and efficiency when performing tasks, it greatly accelerates processes and calculations, so that we can manipulate information in new ways.

Examples of digital technology
web server examples

Digital technology vs Analog technology

Already throughout this article, we have given you the definition and examples of digital technology and we also talked a little about analog. We will show you what are then, the main differences between one and the other:

  1. Analog technology

    • There is a lot of difficulty when it comes to processing the information and / or data obtained through analog technology, since this is normally done manually.
    • The signals received are carried out continuously and constantly; that is, the data goes from one to one, until they are all covered. Hence, this causes more slowness.
  2. Digital technology

    • In order to process the data, it is done discontinuously; that is, it jumps between the intermediate points of information. As we said earlier, use the binary system.
    • The calculation and processing of information is done faster and more accurately, with a very small margin of error and very precisely.

 Digital technology today

As we have already mentioned, digital technology has improved in a certain way and to a great extent, the quality of life of man; being able to facilitate many tasks and automating jobs, while analog technology can take weeks (for example), with digital, it could even take days.

The possibility of being able to carry our photos, music and videos in a comfortable device and to be able to see them anywhere, unlike before; In addition to the fact that previously, storage devices had very little space to store content and today, this possibility is almost infinite.

Of course, not everything is the color of roses, or honey on flakes; since when technology was supposed to bring us closer, it actually took us further away from people. Many of us greatly prefer to live attached to our social networks and communicate through instant messaging, than to interact personally with the other.

The games in general, a fairly large and wide field; today it is more common to see children and adolescents playing video games on consoles, computers or on their cell phones; than playing with dolls or car tracks, among others.

Like everything in life, nothing is perfect and everything will have both an advantage and a disadvantage when it comes to doing or making use of something.

Examples of digital technology

In this section, we will give you a summary of 15 examples of this type of technology; We will see the most common and those that we, as everyday people, use daily or frequently.

  • Tv and digital cable

Previously and we are not exaggerating to say that a little more than 10 years ago, digital televisions arrived; LED or Plasma electronic devices, which offered a great visual spectacle for the user, since they gave an excellent resolution (or image quality); making these appear sharper, clearer, with more lifelike colors and incredible realism, is like seeing the world directly.

We also have multiple features, which offer us a wide variety of options, these devices are called  Smart Tv , and hence their great difference with the televisions of yesteryear that lacked these properties and options. In the past, having one of these smart televisions was a privilege that everyone could not enjoy; today it is more common for people to have at least one  Smart TV .

  • Digital photography

Like televisions, cameras have undergone great evolutions and changes; its greatest aspect was the possibility of being able to take pictures with a high image resolution. Another of the most important aspects is that they have almost unlimited storage and save the images digitally; to have them available on your phone, tablet or computer, without the need for a photographic roll and go to specific places to develop and have the photo; in addition, they allow us to share them instantly with the internet.

It is not necessary to have a camera especially, to be able to take pictures, since  smartphones include cameras of incredible resolution and with multiple options; of course, for professional photographers, a phone will not give the same results as a professional camera.

  • Digital communication

Other  examples of digital technology and undoubtedly the most used by people today. Thanks to the great advances of the internet, it is possible for us to communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world, regardless of our location; This crossed borders, since it is not necessary to go to a center to make international calls and contact friends and / or family.

In these examples we find multiple applications and programs, all on our computer or better, on our phones. We can contact you through text messages, voice notes, calls or video calls; In addition, it is even possible to hold meetings online, without the need for all the people involved to be in the same place.

We have in this section WhatsApp, Telegram, GoogleMeet, Zoom and countless other programs, which will allow us to connect with the rest of the world. It should also be added that through these same applications it is even possible to send all kinds of files such as music, photos, videos, documents and more.

  • Digital phones

Digital telephones is another of the great digital technological advances, we can find telephones of all sizes and with multiple and infinite functions to facilitate user communication; also limiting, for the entertainment of the same. If you look closely, we have everything we need in that “little” device: from messaging (normal and instant) to calls (or video calls), calculators, almanacs, clock (including timer, stopwatch, alarms), photos, music, videos, video games and many more options.

In our decade, it is common to see the vast majority of people with one of these phones, called  Smartphones ; Before, this was very rare to see, it was a luxury that everyone could not afford.

  • Video game

The videogame industry has been greatly admired, and repudiated by some, during its stay in the world; If you are a little older (perhaps 24 years or older), you will remember what video games were like of yesteryear and comparing them with those of now, the breakthrough is obvious.

We find multiple genres, for all tastes and the greatest novelty has been the evolution of its gameplay and highly realistic graphics. We are currently in the 8th generation of consoles: Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One; and of course, just around the corner from the 9th generation: Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. The pc is also one of the “consoles” preferred by gamers and by far.

So much has been the great digital advance in video games, that we can already find several compatible with virtual reality; something that was not possible before.

  • Digital coffee makers

Although it seems strange, this is another  example of digital technology  and yes, we can find digital coffee makers; that are connected through the internet and allow remote management, which undoubtedly makes coffee service easier for the user.

  • Smart refrigerators

As you read it, smart refrigerators; Like digital coffee makers, the former also have a wireless connection. These machines have digital screens that allow you to see the available products, inside the refrigerators; They also have multiple options for the employer such as temperature control, humidity status, among other functions.

  • Smart kitchens

In this section, we not only refer to kitchens as such, but also those specialized appliances for cooking and cleaning dishes and dishes: ovens, microwaves, rotisseries, dishwashers. Like the previous electronic devices, the refrigerators and the coffee makers; They have a wireless connection, capable of connecting to our Wifi and being able to keep track with our  smartphones . Thus, we will know the cooking time, how long it takes to cook something, look at a state of the food, without having to see the oven; being able to control the temperature, among others.

In addition, we can find an interesting function in some devices, such as the recycling function, in order to have more efficient recycling.

  • Smart vacuum cleaners

These devices offer us a very comfortable and fast cleaning of our home, capable of going through every corner of our house and being able to carry out our work more efficiently. Some of these devices no longer have the annoying cable of the old days; which makes cleaning easier.

  • Shopping

The famous delivery services  are found here, another  example of digital technology . Through our computers or telephones we can request the purchase of a food menu, or a market, some digital or necessary product for our home and request delivery to the door of our home; all this without the need to leave our homes. Examples of digital technology

The payment can also be made electronically, without the use of cash; today we have enough tools for this. Examples of digital technology

  • Medicines

As far as medicines are concerned, many hospitals have been modernized with state-of-the-art devices; these have been modernized and perfected to facilitate the work of doctors and nurses. This has allowed for better results and better analysis in tests for patients and faster in this.

  • Sound equipment

This section has also shown a surprising technological advance, whereas before it was necessary to use many old and rudimentary equipment for music and audio recording.

Currently, just a few or even a single digital equipment is enough to control and manipulate everything necessary for music recording; This offers a greater ease of work to the producers, in addition to that now the tools are much more versatile, offering a great variety of options; in addition to the fact that the audio quality obtained is obviously and will be much better than that obtained previously.

  •  Digital printers

Digital printers have been a great invention and a breakthrough for technological development; we get better images and better and higher print quality. This printers also has a wireless connection like many of the examples of digital technology that we have described throughout this article.

The control panel, which were previously button-based, is now being replaced by digital panels, in a tactile way; to give them a better performance and also, more futuristic designs. But more important than its visual aesthetics, it is its performance that is to be admired. Examples of digital technology

  • Digital videos Examples of digital technology

Technological advancement has allowed us to be able to save our videos anywhere: some USB device, on a computer, on some SD memory; and even on our mobile phones. We no longer have the limitation that they can only be recorded on CD or DVD discs as before and we also have the ability to save a large number of videos, all of them of great image and sound quality.

You will notice that we have multiple options for the resolution of the videos and currently, the highest image quality now is 8k; with super-realistic resolution. We will also have the possibility to edit these videos, either through our own mobile phone, our computer or do it on the same web pages.

  • Electronic or digital money Examples of digital technology

With this last section, we close the 15  examples of digital technology that currently dominate the market in the world; all so that you have a reference and can understand much better what this technology is about. And as you read it, it is digital money, when before the physical was the only way to pay; Now we can carry out transactions through the pages of our banks, this can be done both on the phone and on the same computer.

In addition, on the same phone through certain options, the payment can be made without using a page; just enter the necessary data via sms and voila, the money will arrive immediately. We cannot forget, of course, cryptocurrencies, a service that is in full swing and emergence. Examples of digital technology

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