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Enter the Bios of Any Pc All the details

Every PC user at some point will have to enter the Bios of their computer, to check some parameter inside or configure something in it, so he invited you to continue reading to learn how to do it correctly. enter bios from windows

Enter the Bios from Windows

If your personal computer or motherboard has the quick start option activated, it is very difficult for you to have time to press one of the keys indicated above to access the BIOS of the motherboard. So in this case, there are a couple of ways for Windows itself to take you directly to it.

One of these ways is to enter the Windows settings and go to the Security Updates section. While there we will go to the recovery tab and to finish we will give the advanced boot option

After the computer restarted, a pre-boot software will do so. There we must give the option Troubleshooting, advanced options and finally we will press on Firmware UEFI settings.

enter bios from windows
enter bios from windows

When the computer restarts, it will take you directly to the inside of the BIOS of the motherboard, but if all of the aforementioned seems a bit complicated, try typing the Windows Start menu and you will go to the power options. While there, you will only press the shift key on the keyboard, while at the same time using the mouse you give it the option to restart.

Where it will take you to the Advanced Startup Settings menu, where we will apply the same steps that we have explained previously. That they will help you do it in a correct way and without problems.

Enter the Bios of any PC

enter bios from windows
enter bios from windows

Before we start talking about how to enter the Bios, we must know the concept of it, so the Bios is the motherboard of your computer, that is, the initial software that is responsible for configuring all the components you have the computer so that it can boot correctly.

For example, if it happens to you that you have to configure the boot order of your computer or the power saving mode that the processor has, you must configure all that in the Bios. But it is important to know that the parameter you are going to change you know because an error in that sense can cause the equipment to malfunction.

All the computers of most of the brands, like the motherboards themselves, ask that a key be pressed so that the system starts up and to be able to enter the Bios of the system. That is why the following list will be provided to you since it provides us with the formats that allow you to reach the bio of the computer you have.

It is necessary to emphasize that the most common key to enter the Bios board, is usually the Del key but not in all manufacturers’ models it is the same. So it is necessary to know the one that can work for your specific computer.

Bios functions

Within the functions of the Bios briefly summarized we have:

  • The Bios starts the computer to verify that all the low-level components of the pc are working correctly, including the RAM memory, the graphics card, the CD / DVD devices, the keyboard and the mouse.
  • In case something goes wrong, the Bios emits a beep so that we realize that something is not right.
  • The Bios has the function of saving the date and time of your operating system.
  • The Bios manages the flow of data between the operating system and the main hardware devices of your computer.
  • Assign passwords to access the BIOS safely.
  • You can enable or disable some components of the same system.

For all the aforementioned, it can be said that the Bios is a small computing device that has the task of allowing the computer to start, that if it detects a failure in the system, it will not allow it to start. So at some point you may need to access it, here we explain how to do it.

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