Difference between Google Drive and OneDrive

Main difference

Have you ever heard of intangible electronic lockers? If not, today I will familiarize you with these lockers, which are mostly free. Many online cloud storage services provide this facility to Internet users. You just have to create an account on their official websites. Here we will discuss about the most popular cloud storage services, Google Drive and One Drive. Difference between Google Drive and OneDrive

What is Google Drive?

Difference between Google Drive and OneDrive
Difference between Google Drive and OneDrive

Google always comes up with new features. On April 24, 2014 it has kept pace in the cloud storage service with the launch of Google Drive. You can store your files, sheets, drawings, slides, images and videos. Like OneDrive, Google Drive comes with 15GB of free space. Additional storage packages are also available with some charges. There are more than 100 applications available to increase your work performance. You can also use it in offline mode. You can edit your data or share it with friends, both are available. You can also view past 30-day history to check who made data changes. This unit is available for Mac, PC, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

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What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is an older cloud storage service than Google Drive, which has been in operation since August 1, 2007. It was previously known as SkyDrive, Windows Live, and Windows Live Folder. Like Google Drive, it also offers many facilities to its users. First, there is 15 GB of free space for registered users, which is almost enough space to store your personal and important data. Then there’s Office’s online editing feature, which has added value to OneDrive. You can use Office tools just like the ones you are using on your desktop computer. More than 50 applications are integrated for your convenience.

Difference between Google Drive and OneDrive
Difference between Google Drive and OneDrive
Key differences:
  1. Both Google Drive and OneDrive are available for Mac, PC, tablet, smartphones, and Android. Google Drive is not available for Windows Mobile, which already offers OneDrive.
  2. OneDrive is available in 107 international languages, while Google Drive is available in 68 international languages.
  3. Google Drive offers more than 100 ready-made apps, which is twice as many as 50 OneDrive apps.
  4. The free basic package plan provided by both is 15GB. More free space scheme is also available. OneDrive offers 500MB of free storage for a friend you recruit. You can recruit 10 friends for this service, which means that you can get 5 GB of free space in addition to 15 GB of free space. Google Drive also offers this incentive, but you can recruit 26 friends for this service.
  5. In addition to the free package, OneDrive offers two additional packages. One is 100GB for £ 99 / month and the other is 200GB for £ 3.99 / month. Google Drive has a plan of five paid packages from 100GB for € 1.99 / month to 30TB for € 299.99 / month.
  6. If you are using Windows 8 or Windows Phone, OneDrive is already installed on your system. Google Drive is not yet available in Windows 8. You must download and install it yourself.

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