Difference between Doc and Docx

Main Difference between Doc and Docx

A computer is used for several purposes and one of the main ones these days has become documentation. Many companies do their paperwork on these devices where work can be properly saved and written in relative formats. This work can be in the form of different forms, such as text works, images, videos, and even presentations. One of the most convenient ways to write text work in Microsoft Office, where people have various options from entering data, writing text, and even creating presentations. There are different applications within this network that help create these files and one of the most important ones used by millions of people around the world is a Microsoft Word document. People can write text to create blogs, documents, articles and even reports. There are different formats in which this format can be saved and they are called doc and docx file extensions. They are both quite different from each other and these differences will be explained in this space. The main difference is obviously the name of the files, the doc and docx can be converted to each other for the ease of people as many of them are using new or old versions. The Doc file extension was the first one used by Microsoft Word and had been the default until 2003, which ran until 2006, as a new version was not introduced until then. The docx version was introduced in 2007 and became the version default and has been the main one ever since. So basically it is the type of version that a person is using that will help determine the version of the file that is being used. To open earlier versions, there are no major issues and the document automatically opens them in compatibility mode. Another difference between these two is that the version of the document had various problems when the document had to be opened in other applications of similar types, most of the time it could not read the files.This reason and other innovative ideas that were presented to the company led to the introduction of the docx file that can be opened in different formats and people can easily use other software if they want as the document is compatible with many others. There are other ways to show the difference too,

Difference between Doc and Docx
how to open docx file

Comparative chart 

Doc Docx
Version MS Doc was the default version of Microsoft Word the Docx format is the latest version of the MS doc extension.
Time frame From 2007 2007 – today
Compatibility it was not compatible with other similar software it is compatible with many other programs and can be easily opened.
Extensions The extension can be opened in the newest version in the form of compatible mode The files can be easily opened in the previous versions.

Definition of Doc Difference between Doc and Docx

There was always a need to incorporate software in which people could make their office documents and other documentation online and, with this in mind, Microsoft introduced the version of Word with the doc extension where people could enter data and store it in several types depending on the type of activities they want to do. The main one was Microsoft’s word where the option to create files such as documents, reports and even enter text for the sake of articles and assignments was possible. This was the main type of extension used until the 2003 version, the size of these documents used to be large and there were many compatibility issues related to these as they were not able to be recognized by other similar software.

Definition of Docx

Parts of Microsoft Word
scanned document to Word

In 2007, when Microsoft introduced the new version, the old format was replaced by the new one called docs. The main benefit of this file extension was that the file size was almost 80% smaller than the previous version, which means that this extension consumed less space. The other advantage was that it was compatible with many other programs that could recognize the format and could be opened in different extensions. There are other benefits as well, it is faster than previous versions and has many other new text options along with design innovation, the equation insert tab has also been updated, making it easier for people to enter data and solve complex equations. through this file format.

Differences in a nutshell

  1. MS doc was the default version of Microsoft Word, while the docx format is the newer version of the MS doc extension.
  2. The Doc file was used in MS World from the beginning until 2007, the docx file extension was introduced in 2007 and has been used ever since.
  3. The Doc file was not compatible with other similar software, while the Docx file is compatible with many other programs and can be easily opened.
  4. There were minimal options in the text and layout in the doc version, while there are many innovative options available in docx.
  5. Doc is a proprietary format, while docx file is the open format.
  6. The size of a file in the doc format is larger than the size of the file in the latest docx
  7. The Doc extension can be opened in the newer version in a compatible way, while the docx files can be easily opened in the older versions.
  8. Newer versions of Windows come with the latest docx format, but the older format can be downloaded installed for older types.


There may be two terms that can be considered similar but are actually different from each other and those that seem different but mean similar. But very rarely, there are those who have both problems. Doc and Docx are those, and this article has tried to establish the differences between them and help people to know the meaning correctly.

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