Data Structure Definition: Data structure, Description, examples, and more

Science in the area of ​​computing is in constant development because with each update it has the ability to perform a data structure and algorithms. That is why this article is going to explain some important details to take into account for its application and correct execution. data structure definition

Data Structure data structure definition

data structure definition
data structure definition

The data structure is a specific way in how to organize the data and information that you have on a computer. Through this order, it can be applied in a very efficient way, achieving the application that is needed.

For each application that is used, different types of data structures are required so that it can be used for certain tasks and with high performance. Through each application, a specific project can be carried out so that the structure of the computer’s information can be organized in such a way that it can be executed in the correct way.

Description data structure definition

It is known that the data structure is a medium where you have the ability to control various data, you can even handle a large amount of information with high performance and efficiency. Its application is varied because the network has a large amount of data and which can be handled according to the need.

Its application can be based on large databases and large network indexing services, that is, the Internet, giving the possibility of optimally using the corresponding design of various determined algorithms. data structure definition

That is why the main description for the data structure is the key to designing the algorithm in a very efficient way, achieving the desired results. It presents some characteristic methods to establish the base and the programming language to be applied.

It is emphasized that in each program and in each algorithm it is the fundamental factor for the organization of the corresponding software, highlighting that each step meets an essential requirement for the structure that is going to have.

As the data structure is the key for the design of the corresponding software and that it is based on the capacity of the pruning equipment that has the possibility of recovering and being able to save the determined data anywhere in the memory.

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The data structure is fundamental for any system that the equipment has, so that there can be many forms of structure and organization that can be implemented to the data stored in the computer. data structure definition

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When carrying out this organization of the data, it is possible to apply a series of specific operations in such a way that it gives the user tools for the development of the software. That is why the following are some examples of the data structure that are applied in the equipment and that are based on other simple structures:

data structure definition
data structure definition


  • It is a set of elements that are structured in a special and specific way
  • In a general way, each element that is available is of the same type
  • You can access these elements by applying an integer as an index so that you have to point to the element you want
  • It can present some basic implementations which can give the words of the adjacent memory of the elements found in each rearrangement.
  • With each modification that is made, the size of the length can be changed or varied
  • You can also have a certain fixed length

Associative Vector data structure definition

  • It is a variable characterized by being flexible
  • Its flexibility is greater than that of a matrix
  • Gives the option to add name value pairs
  • It also allows you to remove name value pairs
  • It has a hash table
  • Facilitates the associative arrangement that is carried out

Record data structure definition

  • It is also known as a structure or as a tupia
  • It consists of a data structure that can be appended
  • Based on a value which has other values
  • Generally its basic form is a fixed number
  • Its value can be in sequence
  • It has an index by names to facilitate the search of values ​​and character variables
  • It has elements that are named as Fields and also as Cells

Union data structure definition

  • It is a data structure that essentially indicates the set of data types that can be stored in a specific place.
  • It has some functions other than the Registry
  • Single value account applied at a time
  • Allows you to assign the space required to store the types of data, that is why this place must be enough to contain the data and the specific information

Variant rate data structure definition

  • It is known as the variant registry
  • It is also called as the discriminated union
  • It has an additional field
  • It is responsible for indicating and highlighting the type that it presents in real time. data structure definition


  • It is an abstract data type
  • Gives the ability to save specific values
  • It does not require that when saving the data there is a specific and particular order. data structure definition
  • It also does not store duplicate values data structure definition


  • It’s another kind of abstract data
  • It is responsible for saving and locating the various specific values ​​given
  • It does not store the values ​​in a particular order, but stores them as they are entered
  • Allows you to store values ​​that are repeated


  • It is a data structure that is connected
  • It is made up of nodes
  • Each node you have has a specific value
  • Also nodes contain references of other nodes
  • It has the ability to be applied to give a representation of networks. data structure definition
  • You can reference between each node
  • It has some connections which contain addresses, that is, some of entry and exit points


  • It consists of a different or specific case of a graph
  • Found in the application of cycles that are not allowed
  • You have a path from one node to another node
  • The starting node is known as the root. data structure definition
  • It presents a collection of trees which is commonly known as forest


  • It is a specific template
  • Applied for the elaboration of data objects
  • It is based on a model that is predefined
  • It is used as an abstract representation of concepts
  • They introduce various fields such as records and operations
  • It gives the possibility of making a query for the value of these fields
  • You can also change the specific values.

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