The Most dangerous computer viruses

List of most dangerous computer viruses
Computer viruses

Despite the great advantages that computer development has, there are also some disadvantages such as the advance in computer viruses, this being a problem that can cause a lot of damage to the user’s or companies’ equipment, that is why this article explains the top 10 most dangerous computer viruses in the World. dangerous computer viruses

Famous Computer Viruses in Historydangerous computer viruses

When we talk about computer viruses we talk about programs that are used to damage a computer’s system, either to generate fraud, information theft, and many other types of attacks. When a device is infected by a virus, generally today there are many ways to solve it, using specific programs for its elimination, however, there are types of Computer viruses that are very strong.

With the advancement of technology, there has also been the advance of viruses, which cause problems at the time, among them the 5 most dangerous viruses in history can be highlighted, which have had a great impact due to the damage generated, some of which irreparable, that is why they are shown below with their main characteristics: dangerous computer viruses


  • It is a malware well known for infecting various computers around the year 2000
  • It infected approximately 10% of computers that had the ability to access the internet
  • It is known that it even affected CIA devices
  • It also infected Pentagon equipment
  • Its infection was carried out through email attacks
  • He usually sent messages and mail in the form of a love letter
  • When the mail file was opened, the virus infected the computer and devices
  • Because its infection was very easy to produce, it is known that it caused many expenses in the damages generated, of approximately 10 billion dollars
  • Enter among the 5 most dangerous viruses in history
  • It caused many problems for the government that the electronic mail systems were disconnected to avoid the virus infection dangerous computer viruses
  • It was created by two programmers from the Philippines
  • The names of its creators were Reonel Ramones and Onel de Guzmán
  • It was intended that the teams did not have the ability to turn on
  • Inside the love letter was the virus in a text file format
  • It had a malicious code that is responsible for automatically sending that email to the contacts that the user had
  • It is popularly known as the love virus
  • Found in the worm category
  • The reproduction of this virus was achieved through electronic networks
  • Made changes to files on the computer
  • Its two creators never went to jail because at that time there was no law against this type of action
  • Delete files with various types of extensions such as: .JS, .JSE, .CSS, .WSH, .SCT and .HTA,
  • Also locates and deletes multimedia and photo files
  • Steal operating system passwords
  • In the same way, it was in charge of stealing the user’s calendar data dangerous computer viruses

Computer VirusesCode Red dangerous computer viruses

  • It was also known as the Code Red virus
  • It is known that it was seen for the first time in the year 2001
  • It was discovered by two eEye Digital Security employees.
  • Its name comes from the Code Red Mountain Dew drink because the two workers were drinking at the time the virus was discovered.
  • Enter among the 5 most dangerous viruses in history
  • It is considered to be among the types of worm viruses
  • It was performing a scan to the computers with the Microsoft IIS web server installed
  • Used as a means by exploiting a buffer overflow problem in the system
  • It left very little trace on the hard drive
  • Had the ability to run entirely in memory
  • The attacks it carried out were on various services
  • One of the most popular attacks was on the White House website.
  • It was characterized by embodying on the infected web pages a message that said: “Hacked by the Chinese”
  • The problems caused were so great that it produced approximately two billion dollars in losses
  • I also generate loss of productivity.
  • As an important piece of information, it is known that approximately two million servers were infected by this virus.
  • It featured the ability to overload machines without leaving evidence on hard drives
  • It made many copies of itself in such a way that it did not allow the computer to perform another action
  • It is approximately 4 Kb in size.
  • Does not modify any HTML page
  • Nor did it make any file copy with its code on the infected machine.
  • Always works memory resident
  • He was in charge of intercepting the normal functions of the server,
  • Generally, the infection was carried out on computers that had a system in English
  • The solution to remove this virus is known to reset the computer.

Melissa dangerous computer viruses

  • Her name comes from the name of an exotic dancer from Florida
  • The creator of this virus was David L. Smith in 1999.
  • Based on social engineering techniques
  • Enter among the 5 most dangerous viruses in history
  • One characteristic of this virus is that it hid on the computer using a Word file
  • The first case of this virus was on March 26
  • With this file it was presented as an access to various pornography sites and saved the passwords to enter
  • The virus infected computers when the file was executed
  • It was also forwarded to all the user’s email contacts
  • I generate an increase in email traffic
  • It disrupted the email services of governments and various corporations.
  • A characteristic of the virus is that it only replicated using the first 50 email contacts of the affected user
  • It is known that in this case if the author of the virus, Smith
  • However, I cooperate with the FBI to be able to catch other virus authors
  • The creator of this virus only had a 20-month sentence and a fine
  • It generated a lot of chaos in people with power in computing
  • It is known that Microsoft and also Intel blocked all available accesses to prevent this virus from continuing to use its system flaws

Computer VirusesSasser

  • This virus is also known as W32 / Sasser.worm or Worm.Win32.Sasser.b
  • It was discovered in 2004
  • Its creator was Sven Jaschan who was already known for creating the Netsky virus.
  • This virus falls into the category of worm that spreads through the Internet
  • Enter among the 5 most dangerous viruses in history
  • It was responsible for slowing down the response speed to infected computers
  • As it slowed down computers, it prevented it from being restarted
  • It generated various types of infrastructure problems in many parts of the world
  • It was using a bug that had Windows systems
  • It was looking for a way to replicate itself on the computers until the affected device could not be used.
  • It produced many damages and expenses in its restoration, it is estimated that it was approximately 18,000 million dollars
  • Finding Jaschen as the author of this virus he was still a minor, so he got only a sentence of 21
  • It took advantage of every flaw and vulnerability that LSASS presented as Windows XP / 2000
  • Causes the affected computer to restart automatically
  • When you want to avoid the infection of this type of virus in Windows XP / 2000 operating system, it is recommended to download the security patch
  • It is programmed to run 128 processes
  • Scans a large number of random IP addresses through the infected computer
  • Install an FTP server on port 5554 so that it can be downloaded from infected devices.
  • Upon entering the computer’s system it opens a remote shell on the computer that is on TCO port 9996 to download copies of itself
  • Another way to disinfect this virus is by downloading the specific disinfection kit
  • A personal firewall must be installed on computers that are connected to the Internet
  • You can also filter TCP / 445, TCP / 5554, and TCP / 9996 ports.


  • The name of this virus comes from the god of Olympus the god of lightning
  • Enter the 5 most dangerous viruses in history
  • This virus is considered to fall into the category of Trojan
  • Its function was to carry out an infection to different computers and devices with the Windows operating system
  • Its objective was to carry out various forms of fraud
  • It appeared for the first time in 2009
  • It was characterized by corrupting the databases of the updated equipment
  • An example of the attacked sites were banks, Amazon, Oracle, among others
  • An approximation of the number of computers that this virus affected was approximately one million computers
  • This virus is considered a very complex program, which is why it affected even potential computers
  • He was able to steal up to $ 70 million
  • An important fact is that its creator was not identified, being a concern for a possible updated attack
  • This virus was originally developed to disrupt the US Department of Transportation.
  • It infiltrates people’s computers to steal their personal data, mainly the user’s bank information.
  • Search the information of data provided in various pages to be able to blackmail the person with the infected computer
  • It spreads through email
  • Use names of well-known companies to trick people with the ads into executing the file or link
  • Characterized by gathering and also transmitting to third parties the data and confidential information of the user of the infected computer
  • Extract any data and information that the device has
  • It is known that this virus can install itself on the computer without the user noticing in the UserProfile \ Application Data folder
  • The dangerous thing about this virus is that it is encrypted in the default system settings
  • When installed on the device, its location is difficult to determine.
  • Make unexpected changes to the system
  • There are different versions of this virus, so it can act differently depending on the computer

If you want to know everything about programming, then you are invited to read the article on the History of Programming Languages, where its background is explained with its data and important dates.


Due to the serious problem generated by viruses, protection must be provided on the device, which guarantees that the user’s data and personal information are safe, and loss of information and equipment can be avoided, for this antivirus is used.

Antiviruses are what protect our devices, but it is important to keep them updated because there are new viruses every day. There are several types of which among the most popular are: Avast, Bitdefender, AVG, LINE, Avira Security, Kaspersky, Norton, VPN and security, Safe Security, Virus Cleaner, and Panda Security among others.

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