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Convert txt to Excel How to do it quickly?

Converting txt to Excel is a fast and safe way to handle the original data from a text file, and once taken to spreadsheets, it makes work easier.  Convert txt to Excel

Convert txt to Excel

Convert txt to Excel

The issue of converting text files into Excel files can provide the user with a number of benefits, including saving time and handling information in a reliable and safe way, because the data is separated into columns, which leads to the information being easy to view and control. To achieve this process, the following procedure must be followed:

Excel 2003

The first thing to do is: Start Excel, observe that all the text files that are readable, if the information is going to be taken to Excel 2003, then, the File menu must be opened and then select the Open option, and from the Files of type option, Text Files should be selected.

Excel 2007 Convert txt to Excel

When it comes to bringing the text information to Excel 2007, then we proceed to click on the Office button, select the Open option, in the part of type files, choose Text Files.

Convert txt to Excel
txt to Excel

Excel 2010 Convert txt to Excel

If the user has Excel 2010, then the procedure is to select the File tab, in the left column, you must select the Open option, then in the right part of the File name, in the text box, it is shown in the drop-down list is selected Text file.

Immediately select the file or document that you want to convert from txt to Excel, select the Delimited radio button and click Next; Under Delimiters, proceed to deactivate all the check boxes.

In the option Under Delimiters, a check is placed in the box (es) that have the separator (s) with the contained data, immediately click on Next, then click on Finish.

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