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Computer system: what is it? Development and more

The computer system is the whole process that is carried out to process and store all the data on a computer. They are linked to the hardware and software of the computers. Learn more about this topic by reading the following article.

Computer system

Also called “YES”. They make up a series of processes, activities and actions with devices that are interrelated in themselves. Their objective is to process and store various types of data and information.

The procedures involve humans, software, and hardware. These three elements really make up that it is a computer system which allows the process to be carried out in its entirety.

How does it work

what is computer system
Types of monitors

The process carried out by the computer system works through different phases or stages. These range from the start of operations, maintenance, functionality, and reliability. Computer systems require various components to carry out a specific action.

For example, the government as such develops computer systems where it involves all public officials, including medical, political administrators, teachers, among others. The idea is to carry out the function of serving the people. The computer system was in charge of gathering the characteristics of each union in subsystems that are directly connected to the main computer system.

Today computer systems work all over the world. They were developed from the 40s and today they are an important part of the administrative and practical actions of any company or organization. And the life cycle of a computer system can vary depending on the operability.


The components of the computer system  are structured by various subsystems. These are of a physical type, where it is associated with everything related to hardware. In this group are servers, processors, computer equipment and everything related to computers and their operations.

The other subsystem is called the logical one, where software and peripheral devices are included. In other words, the programs and the way in which the various actions will be developed that allow the implementation of activities in a specific area.

How they are classified

system life cycle
how to delete temporary files from computer

The criteria applied to the classification is determined by certain variables according to the needs of each organization or company. They are not unique nor are they rigid, they are made up of a series of procedures that can be modified depending on the needs. To consider this information, let’s see some types that can be used at a general level.

According to use what is computer system

These computer systems are aimed at complex operational systems, They are in charge of specific tasks. Where the actions are focused on certain topics that help to be efficient, thus obtaining excellent results.

General type what is computer system

These types of computer systems take into account some basic elements of the software. In them, multiple data with general information are adapted that help to develop elementary information. They are used in any organization that, for example, is dedicated to having a database, information related to people and very general data.

By the type of equipment what is computer system

For this type of system, it is sought to group according to the type of computers and servers that are going to be used. They take into account for example microcomputers, small servers, very large and powerful computers, slow microprocessors.

By its structure what is computer system

When these systems observe very complex procedures, they develop actions and classify them according to their architecture. Take into account the client and the server and from there establish the type of processes which can be from 3 to multiple layers of development. Likewise, they always consider the type of processor and server so as not to seek saturation of operations.

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