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Computer password What are they and how are they managed?

When you want to protect the files of a computer or access to a service on the network, the computer password is applied , in this article we will explain what it consists of and how it is managed. computer password reset

Computer password computer password reset

computer password reset
computer password reset

The computer password consists of establishing a specific key to access a service or a file. Currently, it is recommended that users use this action to protect personal or confidential data that is stored on a computer. It can be made up of different characters so that it cannot be guessed and a high level of security is maintained. computer password reset

This key allows you to enter a platform or a folder that is encrypted, with the computer password a protection is established for all the accounts that you have on social networks, on different platforms and on the web pages of banks. Due to this it is important that these keys are managed by the user to have control of them because they must be different in each service that you want to enter. computer password reset

Security questions are used in cases where the password is forgotten, although this only appears on some platforms and services, since it requires a large registration capacity where all this personal information is stored. So the main idea of ​​these questions is that they can be easily answered by the user because only he knows the corresponding information.

The security questions are generally related to specific and personal information, which is not something confidential, an example is that you are asked the favorite color or the place you want to travel, they are data that only the person can answer without any problem so that you have this method of password protection set in the service or in an application. computer password reset

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Recommended management computer pas sword reset

computer password reset
computer password reset

For the management of the computer password, it is recommended that this key created to access the folder, the application or that of any service is not shared, this due to the loss of privacy of the data used in these sites so it is exposed to any cyber attack and the loss of personal information that is stored.

There are many types of computer password which have specific characteristics that provide greater privacy to the user, however it is recommended that these be of the robust class which consist of a password of at least 8 different characters including letters, numbers, symbols, uppercase, lowercase, among others; in this way the possibility that the password will be discovered or guessed easily is diminished.

Another recommendation when making the password is to use a mnemonic technique so that it makes it easier to remember the password created and there are no problems when you want to enter the service or application and forget this key that allows access , since this generates an inconvenience to the user which must be carried out by another process to be able to reset the password.

The same password should not be used in different services, folders or in applications, so that there can be greater security on each platform or file that is stored, if the problem that a cyber attack is discovered cannot arise the password established so that you will be able to have access to all the saved data and the possibility of entering the important accounts for the user or the company. computer password reset

When creating a computer password, generally security questions must be implemented, which must be answered to allow access to a page or to recover the key. Due to this, it is necessary to record the answers that only the user can know and it is also recommended that they are not too far-fetched because there is the possibility that they are forgotten.

In the same way, specialized password managers can be used, which is why some programs or tools are used that help users to save the established passwords in case they can be forgotten; One of the advantages of these managers is that they can be managed without any difficulty due to their simple design, so you do not need a great computer knowledge to use them on the computer. computer password reset

Passwords must be kept secret to have greater security in the user’s personal data, at present there have been many problems related to people’s computer keys, where confidential information is stolen to carry out illegal activities, so it is invites users to keep their passwords secret and with high security.


computer password reset
computer password reset

There are different types of computer passwords that can be used to provide greater security to the files or the platform that is accessed, so that all the information and all the personal and confidential data of the user are protected, but it is important to remember that the more The complex key is reduced the probability that the characters used will be discovered.

Due to this, it is convenient to know which password is the most recommended to use, since this may depend on the case or the situation that the user is in, it has the secret, the robust, not repeated and the changed ones. Although the most reliable key is the robust one, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the types of passwords, which is why the main details are shown below:


It consists of a computer password designed for more than 8 characters with interspersed numbers and letters, it is characterized by being very difficult to decipher by any user or by a program, so it has a high level of security that is very different from other types of passwords; in this way, only authorized users will be able to enter the service or an application that is encrypted.

To develop a robust password, it is necessary to apply upper and lower case letters to the letters entered, so that it does not have a pattern that is easy to guess, it is also necessary that it has symbols, whether they are numeric or punctuation, this gives a greater level of protection or security, it is important that it also has numbers and it is recommended that it be distributed in the password.

As said in the previous section, it must have at least 8 characters but it is recommended that it be longer, since the greater its length, the more difficult it will be to guess this key, since even if a program is used there are thousands of combinations . Simple words or the user’s name should not be used, nor is it recommended to use their date of birth, since it is information that facilitates their recognition.

Secrets computer password reset

This type of password is characterized by being simpler than the robust ones but they are not easy to guess, they are generally used on those platforms that limit the number of characters where they do not exceed 8 characters, this can be a problem because it decreases the security of information or user data, so it is recommended to intersperse numbers with letters for greater protection.

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Not repeated computer password reset

The non-repeated password corresponds to the keys established in different applications or services, to reduce any theft of identity or personal data, it is recommended to use different keys without having a similarity between them. In the event that any of these keys is forgotten, they must be managed, so that the established passwords can be maintained.

Changed periodically

Finally, there are passwords that are changed periodically, which are generally used on the banks’ online pages, where the user’s password must be changed from time to time, this depends on the platform that is found. One of the conditions of these passwords is that the characters used cannot be repeated, that is, in each modification of the password, the letters, numbers and the order of the key must be changed.

The problem that is generated in this type of computer password is that you can lose the idea or creativity of making new keys so quickly and frequently, so in this case it is advisable to substitute letters for numbers, this can be done in various ways facilitating the elaboration of the password, an example is if the name of Rafael is entered, which can be R16a5l, being an innovative method.

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