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Activate Wifi from cmd Command method

In this article we will teach you to  activate Wifi from cmd , that is , through the use of commands; in case you have some kind of problem and it prevents you from activating normally. CMD commands for wifi password 

Activate Wifi from cmd CMD commands for wifi password 

CMD commands for wifi passw
CMD commands for wifi passw

Many of the electronic equipment that we currently acquire and that are coming out as time progresses, all of them have a Wi-Fi connection: mobile phones, computers, tablets, televisions, printers, washing machines, among others. So it is almost impossible to get a device that does not have this technology.

In the case of computers and telephones, it is almost mandatory that they have this option; since it is what will allow us a wireless connection and facilitate our work. In the case of the first equipment mentioned (computer), they can have a connection through an Ethernet key  or through Wifi.

If for some reason, the input to the Ethernet cable  of your computer is damaged or you cannot activate it by means of keyboard commands; We will show you two options that are used to  activate Wifi from cmd,  which will surely be of great help to you and get rid of that headache.

What we will do is, copy a name that the Windows “command prompt” will tell us and we will save it in a notes blog; then we will change the extension, to turn it into a command and voila! Easy right? You don’t have to be an expert programmer, much less a novice; We will make it as easy as possible, so that anyone can do it without major complications. These two methods that we will mention below and that we will explain to you how to do them of course are:

  • Activate and deactivate the network adapter of your computer: which will help you to  activate  the  Wi-Fi or deactivate it in case of a hardware problem on your computer, as we told you a while ago.
  • Release and renew the IP address of your computer: this method will serve you simply to connect or disconnect the connection to your network, if you see that it has a problem with it. CMD commands for wifi password 

Methods to activate Wifi from cmd

Having said the above, how the two methods will help you, we will give you the step by step. First of all, we recommend that you read the entire article first and then you can take the corresponding actions. CMD commands for wifi password 

  • Enable / Disable network adapter

The first thing we must do is know the name of our wireless network adapter; Simply, in order to carry out our task, we will open the Windows Command Prompt or cmd. Click on the device’s browser and proceed to type: ” cmd ” (without the quotes); Once the option appears, you will right click on it and RUN it AS ADMINISTRATOR  (this is very important, since otherwise, nothing we will do will work or give us an error).

As the next step, we will write the following code that will give us the details corresponding to all the information available on our computer’s network: states, names, type of network: “ netsh interface show interface”. We will be interested in the name of the interface of our wireless network, which has the name “Wifi” by default.

  • Activate the network adapter CMD commands for wifi password 

The next step to  activate Wifi from cmd ,  will be to open the notes blog of our team (it will always come as a default program) and there, we will copy the following code: ” netsh interface set interface”., “Name_of_Interface enabled”.

In the place where it says ” Name_of_Interface “, what you will do is change what it says there to the name of the interface of your network adapter. In this case we take the name “Wifi” as an example; so the code will be as follows: ” netsh interface set interface Wifi enabled”. CMD commands for wifi password 

You keep your notes blog file on the desktop (you can do it wherever you want, but it is better to always have it in view than hidden). The next thing will be to transform this file from txt to a bat  (which is a type of script or command).

The latter is very simple, you simply look for the txt file , right click, then left click where it says “Rename”. At the end of the file name where it says the extension, type ” bat ” and then click anywhere on the desktop, it will automatically transform the blog notes file into a script.

Once you decide to activate your wireless connection, all you have to do is double click on that new file and it will automatically perform the task. Another way is that from the same command prompt you write the previous given code and it will do the same, there is no difference, except that you will have to perform more steps. CMD commands for wifi password 

If you have done the steps correctly, then no message will appear from the system indicating that everything went satisfactorily. If something has gone wrong during the process, the same system will indicate this error.

  • Disable the network adapter

To do the opposite of the above, you will follow the same steps given before, but the code will change only a little. Open the notes blog and copy the following code that will deactivate your wireless network: ” netsh interface set interface Name_of_Interface disabled”.

As notes, the only thing that changed from this code was the enabled (which means “enabled”, in English) to  disabled (“disabled”). As before, you will replace the ” Name_of_interface” with the name of your network, leaving something like this: ” netsh interface set interface Wi-Fi disabled”.

Made this change, you save your txt file together to the other file to activate, so you will have them both together; you change the extension of this new one to bat , as we did with the previous file to transform it to a script. You can choose to copy this code in the cmd, as before and it will work the same, it is up to you.

  • Release / Renew IP addressCMD commands for wifi password 

The steps to release or renew will be practically the same as the previous ones. This option will connect or disconnect you from your Wifi network, using the IP address, you can also activate Wifi from cmd ; Otherwise to the previous alternative, which turns this function off or on to your computer. CMD commands for wifi password 

  • Release IP address CMD commands for wifi password 

For this opportunity there will be no need to open the Windows “Command Prompt”, just open the notes blog on your computer and copy the following code or command: ” Ipconfig / release”.

This will “erase” the IP address that your computer has registered from your router, which will disconnect you from the Wi-Fi network to which you are connected at that time. Once you have pasted the code in the notes blog, you simply change the extension, so that you can transform it to a script; in the same way we told you before.

  • Renew IP address CMD commands for wifi password 

If you want to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network you were disconnected from, just run a script; it must have the following code: ” Ipconfig / renew”. CMD commands for wifi password 

This will assign the IP address to your computer again, so that it can connect to your network; the script is done in the same way: you open blog notes, copy the code, save the file and change its extension to bat ; this way you will have the command to execute to renew the IP of your computer.

The only drawback with this second method is that if your router has a dynamic IP (it changes frequently) you may have problems when renewing the address. Finally, if none of these methods has been useful, that means that the Wi-Fi antenna of your computer is damaged, so you will have to repair it or buy a new one, we will leave you an informative video. CMD commands for wifi password 

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