Bitdefender Features Advantages and Disadvantages

We present the characteristics of bitdefender throughout this article, its advantages and disadvantages that this beneficial antivirus offers, and you can also get it for free on your own official website of the Bitdefender company. bitdefender advantages and disadvantages

Bitdefender features
                                                 Bitdefender is a great value in terms of its role as protection for any computer equipment, PC or mobile devices, so the user should not feel uneasy about a virus, malware or spyware. You can also find out about other antivirus by clicking on the article  The best portable antivirus for USB.In this segment we are going to learn about the main features of Bitdefender Antivirus Free. bitdefender advantages and disadvantages

Its primary mission is to permanently monitor any suspicious attitude that may exist in any computer system, the antivirus takes immediate steps eliminating any threat of contamination and in turn safeguards the equipment from harmful elements.


  • It prevents access to websites that are not safe and also harmful.
  • It detects and blocks threats and ransomware.
  • It offers greater information security.
  • It has great speed, and has the particularity of not being invasive.
  • It safeguards any type of online transaction, it also protects the digital identity.
  • Discover the online activities that your children do, you have the ability to restrict unauthorized access.
  • Protect Internet connections with the firewall.

bitdefender advantages and disadvantagesIs Bitdefender free a reliable antivirus?

                                                                                                Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus that exists in the computer market, it offers great protection, among its benefits it has developed. A free bitdefender version that guarantees good utility and effective protection. bitdefender advantages and disadvantages

Does Bitdefender free have real-time protection? bitdefender advantages and disadvantages

In bitdefender features, you will learn about the antivirus software that has been developed by bitdefender, runs a thorough scan of the computer, and aims to prevent any existence of electronic bugs that could leak in some way and enter the computer.

This is due to real-time protection, the technology that bitdefender free has, has the ability to unveil by monitoring any new threat, or those that could be hidden and have not been discovered. bitdefender advantages and disadvantages

Bitdefender antivirus, likewise has the goodness to recognize any alert and send to quarantine automatically, it doesn’t wait, once it stores them so that they remain in quarantine, you can enter and view the entire information location path in the browser of Windows.

Is Bitdefender antivirus lightweight?

                                                                                      In the case that the user is looking for a free and lightweight antivirus for his computer, bitdefender antivirus is not the best option, even if it is a shortened version, this antivirus has a capacity of 1GB occupying a large part of the memory from the hard drive.

Bitdefender free an easy-to-use antivirus? bitdefender advantages and disadvantages

Bitdefender free, has an easy and practical interface with the ability to intuit from the moment the installation is carried out on the computer. The company had the ability to design a framework that can be seen in the notifications area, where you can view the current protection status of the equipment, apart from which you can activate and deactivate at any time, with just one click, the protective shields against the bugs that the different viruses have, as well as the exclusive modules for scanning.

Advantages of getting the plus version of Bitdefender free

                                                                                                                                          In the characteristic of bitdefender, we announce that in the computer market no other software protection corporation provides users with the benefits of their antivirus, such as the free version. bitdefender advantages and disadvantages

In the event that they decide to purchase Bitdefender Plus, the user has the opportunity to enjoy many particular benefits, including personalized support.This option is available to many users who buy certain packages of bitdefender antivirus plus, in addition, it should be known that the free version does not have the extra defense layers against ransomware, being necessary because they supervise the entry of documents and keys.However, this fact is not considered as a serious difficulty, because bitdefender still has the ability to detect and block ransomware, but the danger that the computer may be exposed to other threats persists.

Advantage bitdefender advantages and disadvantages

Introducing the features bitdefender offers users any number of benefits, such as:

  • Bitdefender provides user technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • It has extensive anti-spyware and anti-phishing protection that other independent antiviruses do not.
  • It is available as boxed software and can be downloaded online.
  • It has an autopilot feature that allows you to make safety decisions without prompting for answers.
  • The user has no need to configure anything at all, plus there are no warnings or pop-us.
  • It also has the goodness of safeguarding against threats from social networks and monitors of privacy settings such as Twitter, Facebook, among others.
  • It has a free credit monitoring service in the United States, which notifies you when it reveals a change in your credit report.
  • Bitdefender has a rescue mode function, which is located on the computer in a safe and reliable space in case any abnormality occurs.
  • It has the player mode function, which turns off interruptions when the user is having fun with a game, or viewing a screen in full mode.
  • It has a portable mode with the mission of saving battery resources when the laptop is disconnected.
  • It also has the ability to detect amounts of false positives.
  • It is the antivirus that is positioned in the rank 2 in detecting completely harmful and malicious software.
  • Excellent block of negative system modifications.
  • It is intended to protect against suspicious applications.
  • It offers a 15-day trial period in the paid version.
  • It has no influence on the operation of the equipment.


Like any element that belongs to computing and technology, bitdefender still has certain disadvantages, namely:

  • The back module is completely basic.
  • The interface looks inconspicuous.
  • It has errors in Portuguese.

Does Bitdefender Antivirus Free contain web filtering?

This antivirus has great benefits, among which is the protection against spaces or web pages, which somehow endanger the computer.

The most important thing is that no matter the type of browser used, when accessing a suspicious URL, bitdefender alerts you to the risk and asks immediately, it executes the question if you want to enter again, this antivirus does not require adding extensions to the web browser.

How to download bitdefender free?

                                                                            As we have mentioned in previous paragraphs, bitdefender free is one of the best antivirus on the market and that is compatible with Windows and Mac OS, for this reason there are many servers that have installable antivirus software.But the user interested in obtaining this antivirus is suggested to download it directly from the Bitdefender official page.For the bitdefender antivirus installation process, it requires the user to create an account, which allows him to activate the program when it is installed. However, the subject of the subscription is absolutely free, you just have to provide the name and email.

Bitdefender free for Android

                                                                   This company has also designed a special antivirus for cell phones for free, with the aim of expanding the market and thus being able to reach more customers worldwide.

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