Top10 best portable antivirus for USB

Throughout this article, we will present you with a list of 10 programs and the last one, which we consider to be the best portable antivirus for USB. best portable antivirus

Best portable antivirus for USB
The case may happen, that by browsing certain internet web pages, or downloading programs or files; this infect our pc with a computer virus. These viruses can erase important files on our computers, they can alter the normal functioning of our computers, cause slowness or a very bad performance; In worse cases, we can find irreparable damage to the equipment or that this virus steals valuable and personal information from us.

In many cases, simply running an analysis with our Antivirus program will suffice to eliminate these unwanted computer hosts; If by chance we do not have any, we can search the internet and choose from a wide variety of antivirus for our pc. We download, install and run our program to solve the problem.

In many opportunities, this will not be enough, since there will be viruses that prevent us from installing and even running our program to disinfect and clean our PC. If this happens to us, what should we do then? best portable antivirus

The best alternative for this would be to have an antivirus program on a CD or USB, which when connected or put into the pc, runs immediately. These types of programs that do not require installation on the hard drive of our pc, are called “portable”; in addition, they weigh very little and work quite well.

The best portable antivirus for your USB: the 10 best alternatives best portable antivirus

Next, we will present a list of 10 alternatives for you to have on your USB and keep it saved as a precaution or, to solve that virus problem; considered  the best portable antivirus for USB . The good thing about these programs is that they do not require an internet connection and you could use it on any computer, so they will be a great tool for you to fight.

  • Microsoft Safety Scanner best portable antivirus

Our first program comes from Microsoft itself and is one of the alternatives in case “Windows Defender” has crashed or is not doing its job effectively and efficiently. It works like all other antiviruses, it analyzes the folders of our pc in search of malware or any suspicious file and eliminates it.

Once our portable antivirus is downloaded, what we have to do is simply copy it to the root of our pendrive and it will go to work. It is compatible with Windows operating systems and also with any other antivirus program that we already have on our PC.

Perhaps, the only defect that we can find in this program is that we must renew it every ten days (there is no payment); since during that time, the Microsoft company updates the virus database of its program, since it does not have that option. For what is necessary, download it again and copy it to our pendrive, during this period of time.

  • Norton Power Eraser best portable antivirus

Probably the name sounds familiar to you and you know that it corresponds to one of the great computer security companies, specialists in antivirus; being one of the most recommended. Among  the best portable antivirus for USB , you can find.

Like the portable programs, this one is quite light and does not need installation; for which our hard drive will appreciate. Like the previous one and all the others, they help us eliminate all that computer garbage that affects the performance and operation of our pc. best portable antivirus

The most outstanding feature that we can highlight about this antivirus and that differentiates it from the others, is that it has a feature or option called “Reputation Scanner”; This function consists of copying the suspicious files to a folder called  Symantec  and there, it performs another more powerful analysis, using digital signatures on the files. One of the best alternatives that you can obtain and that greater security and reliability will offer you when protecting your equipment; don’t miss the opportunity to give this great portable antivirus program a try.

  • Emsisoft Emergency Ki best portable antivirus

It works like all the portable antivirus programs that we have presented so far, it weighs little and does not require any type of previous installation; its operation, unlike other antivirus, works both graphically and through commands. It does not require an internet connection for its operation and stands out for the possibility of updating its database, without having to download the application again; For this function, what we will have to do is copy a folder called EEC to another computer and there, it will be updated.

It allows three types of analysis for our pc, depending on what suits us; we can choose between a quick scan, a full scan or a custom scan, to suit our needs. It is one of the most complete and secure portable antivirus on the market and this is also due, because its database is updated every 24 hours, which offers greater protection to our equipment; having a threat detector, quite high.

Another feature of this program is the possibility of adding a kind of “white list” to certain programs and / or files. Without a doubt, one of the best alternatives on the market.

  • Intel McAfee GetSusp

Intel McAfee GetSuspAlso listed among the best, as the best portable antivirus for USB;  also from one of the best known companies, producers of antivirus programs.

This tool can help us to quickly and efficiently rule out any suspicion that we have about a computer virus on our computer; To do this, it uses a database owned by its creator company McAfee, called GTI or Global Threat Intelligence. What GetSusp does is take the files in which we believe there is a suspicion and isolate them, in order to analyze them separately.

We also have two other programs, which are also portable, to complement the security of our equipment, such as: McAfee Stinger, this one in charge of analyzing and searching for a specific virus in the files of our computer; and McAfee RootkitRemover, which removes rootkits (programs that stay on our computers and steal information) or any other malicious file.

On our part, if you want to have the greatest possible security on your pendrive, to be able to use it on your pc; It is advisable that you download this triplet of applications for a great protection, check and analysis.

  • Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

The next portable antivirus on the list is the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, or simply KVRT; It is one of the most powerful, safe and recommended on the market; in addition, by the same internet users, so that you always have it saved on your USB.

In the past, the program allowed us a wide variety of options to customize to our liking; however, over time, since its existence, it has undergone several changes, which have taken away configuration options. This has made it a much more compact and simple program, but for nothing in the world, it has lost its great credibility and usefulness.

When running our antivirus program, we can notice that it will give us the option of what we want to analyze: hard disk, removable drives or any other specific folder or file that we want. It will be a great option if what you want is a scan of something specific and not your entire team.

Another great feature is that the KVRT will notify us when the database it has is already useless and needs to be updated; giving us this option. In the same way, we can update the program ourselves, without having to notify us; since the database on the main antivirus platform is renewed every 2 hours.

  • Dr. Web Curelt

Another of the programs, considered  the best portable antivirus for USB  and that works like all the others, does not require installation. It weighs around 200Mb, it is one of the heaviest in comparison to other portable programs; however, it is an excellent alternative for you to take into account when protecting your computer and also does not require the installation of a virus database.

Once we have our program on our pendrive, it will be enough for us to simply execute it and it will be enough to scan our system.

The program offers us the opportunity of multiple analysis options: fast, complete or personalized; we will have the one that suits us best. In addition, you have the option of what to do with the possible infections that we may find on our computer; whether to quarantine it, permanently delete the file, or try to neutralize it; all this automatically, so that we do not have to do it manually.

  • Zemana AntiMalware Portable

With your eyes closed, this will be one of the greatest alternatives to choose from among all the antivirus explained here; a good antivirus, very comparable to the classics of yesteryear and described here: Norton and / or MacAfee.

It is compatible with most versions of Windows and has a very elegant and visually stylistic design. This appearance, of course, corresponds to its good operation and its excellent protection to our equipment; It has multiple options such as: full scans, scheduled scans, smart forty, and real-time protection.

Another of the most outstanding characteristics of this good antivirus, is the possibility that it gives us to eliminate extensions or  toolbars to our browser; in addition to eliminating programs that we were not allowed to uninstall manually.

  • ESET Free Online Scanner

ESET Free Online ScannerAs the second to last option on this list of  the best antivirus for USB , which does not require any type of registration on our part; just download the program, open and run it to start doing its job.

It is quite versatile when it comes to carrying out its analyzes, since with a single attempt, it can easily identify any type of threat on our PC and eliminate it without further ado.

  • Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Another of the most powerful portable antivirus currently on the market. With great versatility in its analyzes and scans, it is able to find all kinds of malicious files and eliminate them, without any problem.

The program scans us in real time, through a database that is stored in the cloud and also gives the possibility of analyzing our PC in a second, once it is turned on.

  • Avira PC Cleaner

The last portable antivirus on this list and that is also one of the classics of before. Perfect for old equipment and it has great security for your computers. Its updates weigh 100Mb, something that may seem like a disadvantage, but it is extremely necessary for the good work and operation of this complete antivirus; Do not miss it.

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