Best free anti malware of 2021 Meet the best

In this article you will be able to read which are the best free antimalware to equip your computer and prevent it from being damaged by some malware. Read on and get the best ones. best free anti malware

The best free anti malware you can get
This list is made up of great programs that guarantee the security of your equipment and allow the user to be notified in the event of any fault present.

Norton 360: best free anti malware

We start with one of the best antimalware known in the internet world. Norton 360 offers real-time protection, effectively blocking files that threaten the PC wherever it is installed.

Apart from antimalware protection, Norton 360 also offers services such as network firewall, antiphishing protection, VPN, Parental Control, webcam protection (for users who use laptops or have a webcam connected to the PC) and password manager.

Statistically speaking, Norton is 100% effective at detecting malware files, it generally takes an estimated time of 40 or 50 minutes in a complete scan, this without affecting the speed of the computer. best free anti malware

It is one of the most effective programs known to date and has three versions, Norton 360 standard, Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 Premium. The standard version offers protection for a single computer, while its deluxe version offers 50 GB of storage and protection for a maximum of 5 PCs.

The Premium version offers its users the guaranteed protection of 10 computers registered in their name and 75 GB storage in their cloud. Norton represents efficient and fairly comprehensive security with total effectiveness against malware.


Known for its simple and easy-to-use interface for any type of user and also for its antimalware effectiveness. TotalAV allows the user to enjoy complete analysis that, thanks to its speed and low weight, is ideal for any computer. It has a statistical range of 99% effectiveness, almost total effectiveness.

Apart from the antimalware service, it also provides tools such as cyber attack prevention, tools to optimize computer performance, VPN, password manager.

It allows the user to sort and delete unnecessary files such as duplicates, cache, browsing cookies and other elements that slow down the speed of the PC.

TotalAV has a more advanced version called “Total AntivirusPro” that allows the user to enjoy the aforementioned benefits on 3 computers where the user registers. There is also TotalAV Internet Security that offers coverage of 5 computers.

There is also TotalAV Total Security that allows you to protect 6 computers that are registered under a user’s account.

TotalAV offers the best tools in terms of device performance optimization, which is positive for PC memory usage.

McAfree Total Protection: best free anti malware

McAfree Total ProtectionMacAfree is praised for its effectiveness in each product it offers, it gives a total defense against malware but affects to a considerable extent the speed of the computer on which it is installed. This means that each scan McAfree performs could take time and after installation the PC could be a little slow.

Compensating for this flaw, MacAfree offers a fairly versatile range of features including firewalls, Wi-Fi network protection, anti-phishing protection, system optimization tools, VPN, password manager, and file deletion.

As can be seen, MacAfree has many important functions for the performance of a PC, thus compensating for being the cause of the slowdown of the computer.

It also has real-time analysis, parental control, and theft protection. MacAfree also provide this protection on mobile phones, having an application available for Android and iOS.

There is also a more powerful version called MacAfree Total Protection offering the aforementioned tools on ten computers registered under the user’s name.


bitdefender advantages and disadvantagesIt obtains its distinction in the market for offering complete effectiveness without affecting the speed performance of the PC where it is installed. Its effectiveness is due to the complete analysis it performs based on the cloud.

It is ideal since it does not make the user’s CPU perform any kind of extra force to run, which allows the user to play, perform work or watch movies without any problems. Bitdefender can perform its full analysis without affecting the speed or execution of other programs

It offers a firewall service and web protection, tools such as anti-ransomware protection, USB analysis which guarantees a safer use of the CPU.

Bitdefender offers three plans, which are Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security, and Bitdefender Total Security. The latter can be used in mobile phones.


Its total effectiveness makes Avira the best free antimalware in the world. Its range of effectiveness is 100%, offering a great service for the client. It has a real-time protection program that allows you to protect the CPU from malicious installations of programs of dubious origin.

Avira offers services such as web privacy extension, performance optimizer, VPN, and a password gesture. It also blocks trackers, invasive ads, and phishing websites that steal user information.

It also has a Primer version that allows its services to be extended to 5 devices registered in the name of the user who hires this version.


MalwarebytesThis program is not as effective as the previous ones, however, it is effective to an acceptable extent, eradicating almost all malware that may exist on the CPU.

Malwarebytes now offers anti-phishing protection and a VPN in addition to its powerful anti-malware scan engine.

This free program is quite acceptable considering that you do not pay for any services that it offers, its basic package works for simple threats.

For stronger and more sophisticated threats there is Malwarebytes Premium that offers real-time protection and anti-phishing tools. It can be said that this analysis is efficient and does not offer as complex cybersecurity protection as previous programs.

The official malwarebytes page offers a lot of information about their service, plans, and frequently asked questions.


This antimalware was designed solely and exclusively for MacOS devices, that is, Apple devices. It is recognized for its total effectiveness when it comes to detecting malware on CPUs, having an effectiveness range of 100%

Intergo offers firewall services, optimization tools, cleaning tools, parental control and data backups.

Intergo has a basic plan, a version called Internet Security x9 and a Premium Bundle x9 plan offering excellence, quality and users who purchase these services.

It is a great option for Mac users to protect their files and personal data from any threat that comes to attack their devices.

The firewall adjusts protections based on network activity, and parental controls ensure effective filters for parents who want to keep their children safe. You may also be interested in Calibrate iPhone battery correctly step by step.

What is a malware?

How does an antivirus workMalware is known in the field of computing as a malignant virus that is designed in order to infect one or more CPUs by granting unwanted access to another CPU in order to steal information or damage the infected computer, that is why it is necessary to count with the best free antimalware.

Malware types

There are several types of malware and among the most common malware and those that require the best free antimalware so that they do not affect CPUs are:

  • Trojan : A Trojan malware is any virus that pretends to be a legitimate program. Its infection method starts after being installed and secretly activates access to hackers who monitor the user’s system and can thus damage the PC. Its name refers to the Trojan Horse because of the giant wooden figure where the soldiers who would later attack were going.
  • Ronsomware: This virus is recognized for infecting and encrypting the files that the user has on the computer. Hackers generally charge ransoms to kill the ronsomware infection process. This type of virus is generally used in businesses and companies so that they are extorted.
  • Spyware: These viruses generally come from free download sites. The virus is in the file that is downloaded and it acts by providing hackers with access to the computer screen, keyboard and webcam (if any). Hackers generally use this type of virus to alter or steal personal information.
  • Adware: This virus acts in a similar way to spyware, it takes control of the CPU, browser and search history and also advertisements on the PC desktop. These advertisements generally guide the user to download links for other files contaminated with viruses such as malware.
  • Keylogger: This malicious virus records everything the user types including passwords or personal data and grants access to the pages the user enters.

An antivirus and an antimalware

Viruses are generally confused with malware, but the truth is that viruses are only one type of malware among the millions of malware that exist.

Antivirus softwares are created to detect and eradicate existing threats on the user’s CPU, threats that can be Trojan viruses, informational worms or some of the aforementioned malware.

An antivirus works thanks to a kind of registry that it has in its file, this registry contains information on a series of malware. When the antivirus performs its analysis and collects the malicious files, separating them from the benign ones thanks to the comparison of these with the information in your registry.

If any of the files match the information in the registry, the antivirus will inform the user of the corrupted file that may affect the CPU.

Antivirus can be effective when it comes to detecting large corrupt files, but it is ineffective when it comes to detecting malicious malware files, this depends on updating the antivirus registry, but generally these lack information on malware such as ransomware , rootkits and spyware. That is why it is important to have the best free antimalware

To improve the ineffectiveness of antivirus, there are antimalware that are programs that act based on behavioral analysis, trial and error and machine learning / artificial intelligence in order to detect, select and delete files that could represent a threat to the real-time CPU system.

Antiviruses differ from malware in that the antivirus does not have as much virus information as that of a malware, in addition, the analyzes carried out by an antivirus are at the user’s request, whereas the malware performs a complete analysis in real time, which makes malware safer and here you can find the best free antimalware.

Types of computer virusesThe importance of maintaining good security in our equipment

It is important to inform us about the types of threats that can affect our CPU, generally on PCs there is data, files and important information for users and hackers have many ways to penetrate the security of a device.

It is also important to know the tools we can count on to avoid these types of threats and combat them as effectively, safely and quickly as possible so as not to compromise our bank details, photos or any other type of personal information, that is why it is important to choose the right one. best free antimalware

Technology has advanced significantly and this results in better ways to protect our computer and avoid falling into malicious malware that can damage or affect in any way the PC that we use daily.

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