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Arroba: Origin, meaning, applications and more

In e-mails, the at sign “@” is used, being an indication of the division between the user’s name and the domain assignment, which is why this article will explain everything related to the at arroba in english

At sign arroba in english

arroba in english
arroba in english

It is known that the term of at is a character with various functions and applications in the area of ​​computing, in social networks they are also implemented as in Twitter where the character at is placed next to the user, also in applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Gmail, Hotmail, among others.

Through this term it can be used in various places to access or to indicate a location, currently it is used mostly on the internet, however its origin was not only for networks but it has much more meaning, since it comes from Arabic which means the fourth part.

For the term arroba it was applied in various ways, at first this symbol was had to give the sample or the meaning of a unit of mass, so it was equivalent to 25 pounds being the fourth part, this mass was equivalent to eleven and a half kilos. However, it was also used in the area of ​​computer science in its beginnings but its main purpose is unknown.

Origin of Arroba arroba in english

The term Arroba has an ancient history since at first this symbol was not created for a use of the networks, however its origin is a bit confusing because it can be the origin of calligraphy or typography, it can even be consider a combination of these two areas.

It has a representation of the Latin prefix “ad”, but also “at” being in these forms a palaeographic custom. It is known that among the first documents that the arroba appeared was in “La Taula de Ariza”, a certainty that can be said is that in the middle of the 15th century and the 16th century this term of arroba was used as a measure of capacity in Spain, as well as Italy and France.

History of Arroba

arroba in english
arroba in english

Just as in the origin of the term at this it has a history from the beginning of the year 1536 in which by means of a letter from a merchant coming from Italy to Rome, this was discovered by Giorgio Stabile’s professor who gave classes of history of science at La Sapienza University in 2000.

In that letter the symbol or the arroba character is used as an equivalence, a fact that stands out in these letters with respect to the history of the arroba is that there is a document from the year 1448 where it speaks of an income of wheat exactly in the Kingdom of Aragon. arroba in english

It is known that this delivery of wheat was from Castile but due to the time the letter comes from, it exists in the 15th century, the information is found in pieces or pieces that has difficulties in its translation, as well as the variations of various meanings in different places like in France and in Italy.

Due to these complications in the meanings of the letters, it is not correct to point out with absolute certainty that this was the first appearance of the at sign, since there is a probability that it was used before those years, that is why these letters are called the first documentations with the term at.


Among their meanings it can be said that they were capacities of mass measurements to a quarter of a quintal in Spain, where in Castile it was 30 pounds equivalent to 11,502 Kg, in Catalonia it was 32 free equivalent to 10.4 and in Aragon it was 36 pounds equivalent to 12.5 Kg. arroba in english

During the 19th century this symbol of at was added to typewriters, so this character could already be placed on these keyboards, giving evidence of the letters made at that time. So it was used in accounting documents with meanings of measurements with respect to another measurement, such as a number of pounds per square inch at revolutions per minute.

Other meanings can be “a”, “in” and “at each”, an example of these may be 20 inches “at” 200 revolutions, 1 rod “at each” 20 centimeters, among others. These meanings in relation to measurements could also be made with the wine barrels, being 1/13 of each barrel, these measures could vary with respect to the place where they were applied.

Application on the internet

It was in the year 1971 that the at sign was used in the e-mail system, it was Ray Tomlinson who was a programmer in the area of ​​computer science who sought to apply a character or a symbol to divide the name of the user of the domain that is used, for this the at is applied. In this way it does not resemble the name of the company and that of any of the people and this separation of indication is presented. arroba in english

For the drafting of the documents these symbols were used, in this way it simplifies and reduces the complications in presenting these types of documents, generally applied in the commercial documents of various well-known brands, that is why this symbol was implemented in the keyboards of typewriters.

In this way, this symbol begins to be applied in emails reaching the present time, differentiating the user from the services that are being used. Thanks to this symbol, you have the compression of the domain that the user is implementing with the meaning “at”, thus having a wide use in networks.

This is how the relationship with the computer science area is arranged or linked, being used in the various programming languages, so it was not changed on the keyboard until today, giving the importance of this symbol to both computer science and networks .

As Tomlinson highlighted the form of separation that can be done with this symbol, he chose it as the division character for emails when sending them. With this, as time passes, all the keyboards of the devices include this at symbol.

Application in mathematics and engineering arroba in english

In the area of ​​mathematics and engineering this symbol was also applied, it was during the period of the 20th century that its use began mainly in books based on these topics, it was also applied in technical and scientific literatures , however its main use in English showing various descriptions of the data presented.

It is known that this symbol of the at symbol was applied according to the conditions of the measurements carried out and that they were valid, being applied again as “a” with the data obtained, an example is the value of a density “at” a given temperature, or the noise of a vehicle “at” a certain speed.

Applications in constructions and in technical drawings

Among the various applications of the @ sign, it enters the areas of architecture such as constructions and technical drawings, used in such a way as to facilitate their design as well as their elaboration, which is why the importance in these areas and their importance at the moment is highlighted. to do it.

With some of the systems of designs and drawings in the technical area, programs or software that have programming languages ​​that involve this symbol are applied, among the best known is AutoCAD, which when representing the Cartesian plane with the coordinates Relative requires a specific language.

Application in computing arroba in english

It has already been explained that the at sign is known in a very common way is through emails, thus being its main application and use online, relating the user’s name with the domain that is found, that is, the name of the user @ domain used. In this way, the indication of the service used is given, which is mainly in English.

Due to the advancement of this symbol in computing it has been implemented in keyboards since 1885, it is known that some of the keyboards that incorporated them were from the ASR-33 teletypewriter, and it was the Tomlinson programmer who created the first email address on which was “tomlinson @ bbn-tenexa”.

But this symbol was not only implemented for this case as it was applied to various languages ​​in computer programming generating several functions applied in these areas, among them it is spoken of ALGOL 68 that this symbol was used to abbreviate a specific word “at” in order to vary the minimum or lower limit of a given matrix.

Another of its applications was in the ActionScript that was used for the specific analysis of XML used as the first word of a text series, so that it has the ability to distinguish it from making an identification of certain elements.

Other apps arroba in english

It is applied in literal strings, being commonly known as C #, for the identification of specific words and keywords within a series of determined characters. Likewise, you can point out the exact location on the monitor right in the place where the writing is going to proceed, entering BASIC dialects, also in PRINT, including Clipper, among others.

An example of its use in computing is in Lotus 1-2-3 that the term at is applied in various mathematical functions as it is executed in Excel. It is applied in the console of the commands that Windows presents through a series of instructions.

In DOS it is another function in the area of ​​computer science with prefixes and instructions. Also in bash the symbol is executed to grant a specific expansion requested by the user. And at present it is applied in a wide range of social networks with the difference that this term of @ is a prefix of the name that the user has.

Application in indicating gender jointly

This symbol has the characteristic of being applied as a reference or indication of both genders, that is, instead of indicating a gender with a word, there is the possibility that with a single word it can be referred to in a general way, so with this application can be considered as a genre language.

Although it should be noted that the Royal Spanish Academy considers this application as invalid and unnecessary, despite everything it can be said that currently through the networks it is widely used to use the @ as an explicit form of both genders at the time of use nouns or some adjective.

It is a graphic resource when applying the at sign that at the time of using it, the words are included in a masculine and feminine way, grouping both genders as one word without giving a trace in the vowel either with the “a” and with the vowel “o”, so it is natural to come across messages or comments using this symbol in words.

An example of this language with this symbol can be when using words like Maestr @ s instead of using Teachers and teachers, also with Niñ @ s instead of using the words of boys and girls. Another example is Niet @ instead of saying grandson and granddaughter, as well as these there are a great variety of examples that is applied with this symbol.

Invalidations by the Royal Spanish Academy arroba in english

In the networks you can find different forms of languages, among them is the application of @ to encompass words instead of using words giving only reference to a gender. As has been said, the Royal Spanish Academy does not admit this type of language for various reasons which are shown below:

  • In the case of nouns, when using the grammatical masculine, it is referring to all individuals globally, that is, when using the masculine word, it is not only referring to the masculine gender.
  • The use of the grammatical masculine gender is not made with an intention of discrimination against the feminine gender.
  • When referring to both genders is when the context of the words requires them
  • Using the @ causes an impediment in the correct reading
  • The linguistic law of expressive economy is applied which indicates that words in masculine do not cause discrimination

How do you put the at sign

At present, any keyboard of a device has the term @, so you can generate doubts about how to get the at sign , or to be more exact, how to put an at on a laptop or on any device, to achieve this action you must perform procedures that may vary depending on the system or device you have.

This symbol that is widely applied in networks being different from each other, and that in turn has a dependency on the operating system that is available. For this, you must have the knowledge of how it can be placed, which is why below is how it can be achieved on the various keyboards that exist by following a series of commands that are carried out with the keys of the device:

On a Windows system device arroba in english

  • When you have a computer with a numeric keypad, you should only select the keys  Ctrl + Alt + 2  or the alternative is   Alt + 64.
  • In the case that you have a device that has a keyboard in Spanish for Latin America, you only have to select the keys Alt Gr + Q or the alternative way is Ctrl + Alt + Q
  • When you have a computer with an international Spanish keyboard, you must select the keys Alt Gr + 2 or the alternative way is Ctrl + Alt + 2
  • In the case that you have a device with a keyboard in English for the United States, you must select the Shift + 2 keys .
  • When you have the case of a device with an English keyboard for the United Kingdom, you must select the Shift + ` keys .
  • In the case that you have a device with an Italian keyboard, you must select the keys  Alt Gr + Q or the alternative way is Ctrl + Alt + Q
  • In the case that you have a device with a French keyboard, you must select the Alt Gr + à keys  .
  • In the case that you have a device that has a German keyboard, you only have to select the keys Alt Gr + Q.

On a device with a Mac system

  • When you have the case of a device with an English keyboard, you must select the Alt + G keys .
  • If you have a device with a Spanish keyboard, you must select the Alt + 2 keys
  • In the case that you have a device with a German keyboard, you must select the Alt + L keys  .

On a device with Ubuntu system arroba in english

  • In the case that you have a device that has a keyboard in Spanish for Latin America, you only have to select the keys Alt Gr + 2 or the alternative form is Alt Gr + Q
  • In the case that you have a device with a keyboard in English for the United States, the following keys Shift + 2 must be selected .

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