Antivirus for Windows XP Free and Paid

Through this new blog, we will let you know which are the best antivirus for Windows XP , so that you can have any of them on your computer and always keep it safe. Do not move for a moment that everything you are looking for you will find it here, in one place. Antivirus for Windows XP

Antivirus for Windows XP
There is a German institute, which is specialized in troubleshooting, antivirus and providing protection and security to computers. It has been in charge of publicizing a list of the best antivirus for Windows XP, in addition to each of them having a rating from the public.

The virus detection capacity and the load of the operating systems has been assessed by the AV-Test, where 18 points have been established, through which the best of the existing antivirus will be established for devices that have this type Windows. Without further extension, see below the corresponding list:

  1. bitdefender advantages and disadvantagesBitdefender (18).
  2. Kaspersky (18).
  3. Panda Cloud Free (18).
  4. Mcafee (17.5).
  5. Bullguard (17).
  6. QIHOO 360 (17).
  7. Avira IS (16.5).
  8. G DATA (16.5).
  9. Kingsoft (16.5).
  10. SYMANTEC – NORTON (16.5).
  11. Trend Micro (16.5).
  12. F – Secure (16).
  13. AVG IS (15.5).
  14. AVG FREE (15.5).
  15. AVAST FREE (15).
  16. ESET NOD32 (15).
  17. MICRO WORLD (15).
  18. TENCENT (15).
  19. THREATTRACK (14).
  20. NORMAN (12.5).
  21. COMFORTABLE (12).
  22. MICROSOFT (9.5).
  23. AHNLAB (8.5).


We can say that thanks to the list set out above, in the top positions with a score of 18 points, the best antivirus are Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Panda Cloud Free. However, we can also find not far from these, a series of antivirus that have included a score of 17.5, 17, 16.5 and 16 as best at solving different problems related to computers, and the viruses that may have them , these are Mcafee, Bullguard, QIHOO 360, Avira IS, G DATA. Antivirus for Windows XP

best portable antivirusOn the other hand, there are also other antivirus with lower scores, which are free but because they are, they do not offer you everything your computer needs, these are: AVG FREE, AVAST FREE, among others. We can also find NORMAN, COMODO, MICROSFT and AHNLAB in the last place, these antivirus apart from that they are not so well known, they are not so recommended, since they do not offer much protection relatively. Here is a video where you can verify more interesting data.

This list shows us that thanks to these good results, we will be able to know which antivirus is the right one for us, as well as which is the one that offers us the best protection and support for devices with Windows XP. We can mention the arrival of exploits, who take advantage of any vulnerability that could not be detected by an antivirus, in this case by AVG FREE, in this way the Windows XP computer is not protected against any threat.

How to install an antivirus in Windows XP? Antivirus for Windows XP

In order to install an antivirus on a PC that has Windows XP you must follow a series of steps, keep in mind that these must be carried out correctly, otherwise the antivirus will not work as it should. The steps to follow are:

  1. Insert the antivirus CD to be installed in your computer.
  2. Wait a moment while the CD is analyzed.
  3. Then you will see on the screen a window with two options, the first of “Run or Install” and the second of “Cancel”.
  4. You must click on “Run” and then you will see a new window, which will show you a completely empty bar, it must be completely filled to complete the installation process.
  5. When this has happened, you will already have the antivirus installed.
  6. Continue to analyze your computer with the tools provided by the installed program, in order to verify that there are no problems or that there are no viruses.
  7. After the verification process has been completed and you verify that there are no problems, you can continue using your device calmly. But, if you have any type of virus, you should proceed to clean the computer until it is eliminated, because if you do not carry out this procedure as the days go by, the virus can even permanently damage your computer.

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