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Advantages of the internet Get to know each one of them

In this interesting post you will find out in detail What are the advantages of the internet ? And why are they so important in everyday life? As we well know, the Internet is a communication network with a global reach that allows the link between computers for the exchange of information. Advantages of the internet

Internet advantages

Advantages of the internet
internet types and speeds

Internet revolutionizes a lot in the field of computing and communications. The Internet is both a global transmission tool and an instrument to disseminate information, it also allows collaboration and interaction between people and computers wherever they are located. The Internet is one of the most successful examples of the benefits of continued investment and investment in information infrastructure research and development.

The origin of the Internet goes back to a bygone era. During the Cold War the United States established a peculiar military network in an effort to access military information from anywhere in a hypothetical Russian attack on the country. The network was created in 1969 and is called ARPANET. In principle, the network has 4 computers distributed among different universities throughout the country. Two years later, you already have around 40 computers connected.

The development of the network is so fast that its connection system is outdated. Then two researchers originated the TCP / IP registry, which has become the information standard within computer networks (we are still using this protocol).


Many things can be done online sending and receiving messages, chatting, buying and selling, teaching, conducting experiments remotely, listening to music and watching videos, traveling and visiting museums, learning, making money and making friends, fooling around or having fun . The list is endless and sounds more like a great directory. It also has the advantage of expanding explosively at the rate of the most diverse initiatives, such as personal, commercial, political, religious, cultural and scientific.

The Internet has magically created a means of communication. No one envisioned this method ten years ago but now no one can control it. He has no owner, in a sense, he is the owner of everyone and no one. In the history of communications there has never been anything like the Internet. It lives on the individual contribution of each one of us.

Given this novelty, there is an urgent need to involve all citizens, especially educators. We now have a powerful tool that can overcome many deficiencies in education, break the wall of hatred and discrimination, become the protagonist of the inevitable globalization process and build a richer, more just, unified and beautiful world.

But if we do not take advantage of the true advantages of the Internet, then all these risk new catalogs that are preserved as possibilities and good intentions. This advantage is called: Freedom.

Advantages of the internet
internet types and speeds

However we need to have a broader debate about freedom in an open society and the development of a moral conscience in a digital society. Humans have gone through various moral stages of life. These phenomena have been well described by psychologists such as Earl and Kolberg. Therefore, it is necessary to rethink the issue of moral evolution in the new Internet environment from the new digital experience. For example, teenagers.

In short, the Internet provides us with a variety of tools, and we must learn to use it. It accommodates us all without restrictions. For example, realizing that freedom of communication in global education is very important. The Internet will definitely remove the narrow limitations of face-to-face and national education. All educational institutions in the world will soon be connected to the Internet.

Each community will provide its own creative contribution and the digital network will allow the integration of many dispersed efforts thus far. We know that we are all invited to participate with the greatest freedom. Some have already started to do so. I suggest guiding all teachers to use the Internet correctly without exception. Only in this way can they guide students in the 21st century responsibly.

Undoubtedly, there are many uses that the internet is given as a tool: for work, for research and even for entertainment to a large extent.

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