Advantages of Javascript -How to run a Javascript

To know How to run a javascript script? The different ways of carrying it out must be taken into account, as well as important aspects that must be applied correctly, which will be detailed in the following information advantages of javascript

How to run a javascript script

advantages of javascript

The first point that must be taken into account regarding how to execute a javascript script is that its programming process is carried out in an HTML document, which means that the codes used by both are related to be able to create the platform In such a way that it is necessary to have knowledge of how to use two programming languages ​​together and that no type of inconvenience occurs.

Therefore, it will be necessary to consider the use of delimiters to achieve a separation between the two, so when a Javascript code is to be added it must be found in the middle of the delimiters that are, <SCRIPT> and </SCRIPT>, so that it is present proper operation. advantages of javascript


The placement is one of the most important aspects to know how to execute a javascript script, the <SCRIPT> tag can be used for its addition in the platform, it is important to consider that in some cases its placement may not be of importance, but if it is a point that must be taken into account normally, this may require other processes and knowledge, so they must be solved in a specific way.

advantages of javascript

For the addition of a javascript on the page, they can be specifically placed with attributes, which are manipulated by users, therefore, it will be necessary in addition to considering their placement, also their way of writing, since there are differences in the process of execution, so it is of great importance for the realization of your goal.

Forms of writing

In order to operate with the language in the correct way, it is necessary to know how to execute a javscript script and for this, its forms of writing are found that will allow execution, therefore, it is highlighted that there are two forms, the one that It is carried out directly and the one carried out by the user, its process is different so it must be known in detail to use it correctly.

Direct execution

For people who want to know how to execute a javascript script, there is the most basic way, its direct realization through the use of <SCRIPT>, the pages are read by the browser, it means that it has reached its codes in such a way A way that must be carried out constantly to comply with each one of them, this is the direct way since the execution occurs with the reading of the scripts immediately.

Then, when the page is opened, the execution is carried out by the presentation of the codes, which means that the browser begins to load or read the page but during that time it stops the process to find the script codes and be able to carry out their execution, There may be an option that the user must select to continue, by clicking on “Accept”, then you can continue viewing the page in its entirety.

Generally, this form of execution is one of the most used, because the user is usually easier to carry out a manual process and in this case it is specifically fast, but in the same way, other related points must be considered in how to execute a javascript script or ways of its realization.

Response to an action

Another of the forms of execution are presented in the action by the user, which generates a response, since Javascript is a program that is functional capturing the actions carried out, which is directly in the browser or page, then this It operates in relation to what is received, which is shown as an interactive point, since the movements carried out are being captured and a response is issued from it.

Therefore, it should be noted that there is a high variety of actions that the user can perform, it can be generated by a selection, perform different movements, click on an option and many others, these are the varied events that can be received to issue a response, which can also be exhibited in different ways, being a dynamic process that can also present a variant response.

Then this can happen by placing the HTML codes in the corresponding spaces as tags, which will allow a response to be generated regarding the action carried out by the user, so it is important to consider adding a Javascript code in the tags, allowing this process to be possible.

But as it was detailed previously, this is not the only present way on how to execute a javascript script, other available ways are by selecting the options or the elements that are located on the page, in such a way that the functions are performed directly with the Javascript in conjunction, which will allow a response to be passed to the action received.

When a page is found, it contains the complete codes, including those of Javascript, they are displayed incorporated in its content, therefore, at the moment in which no type of execution is carried out then only the script should be located Together with the action, this is known as the Mouseenter case, which refers to the user making use of the mouse by moving the pointer towards an option that can be executed. aadvantages of javascript

Function advantages of javascript

Users can carry out different tasks through the use of Javascript, so in order to know how to carry it out, it is first necessary to be clear about how it works, therefore, the points that can be fulfilled by the Javascript functions will be highlighted, being the following:

  • You can create various animations or generate different effects as a response presented to user action.
  • Creation of websites in a dynamic way, which allows the interaction of codes.
  • Execution in browsers, which is not specifically presented on a device, this can occur on both a computer and mobile devices.
  • When an error occurs, these can be detected in the information.
  • Calculations can be performed using numerical data, offering an efficient result.
  • Generate changes or modify the options displayed by a web page, which does not require a complex process.
  • Thanks to the use of Javascript, today, different highly recognized platforms are in operation, such as Google extensions, Facebook and many others.
  • It has a tool that allows the information to be modified without the need to update the page.

Advantages of javascript

Most websites make use of Javascript for its operation, this is because it is an option that offers many benefits to users to achieve their objectives, there is a high amount of advantages that should be used in the programming, therefore those of greatest importance should be highlighted.

Javascript is not a complex language, it offers a lot of ease of use, so there are no inconveniences in its operation, it is quite simple and also exhibits a fairly fast speed so if you want to execute functions at the same time, if it is possible, which allows everything to be much more convenient in the process, one of the most important aspects is that it has many varied options for its use.

Among the tools that are available are those to improve visual conditions, in such a way that it is not only used in computers, but is also used in other devices such as cell phones, consoles and others, therefore its great relevance in the creation of pages, since these are compatible in varieties of options that users generally have.

It is considered multiplatform due to its capacity for simultaneous execution and due to the options detailed above with respect to the devices, it is emphasized that Javascript is a unique language because it gives the possibility of operation in a FullStack mode for programming actions, which are of high need, therefore, for it to be possible to fulfill all these aspects, knowledge of how to execute a javascript script is required .

Disadvantages advantages of javascript

In the same way, it is necessary to emphasize that not all the points are positive, if you want to make use of this language you also have to take into account the present disadvantages to make a conscious use of it, you can indicate the following points:

  • It does not have privacy in its codes, which means that any user can view them.
  • A high amount of codes is necessary for the operation of the browser.
  • It has three-dimensional options, however, these are limited, so if you want to carry out the creation of a game, you must have the dexterity to make use of other options.
  • It does not have full compatibility, so in some cases some browsers cannot use it. advantages of javascript

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