Advantages and disadvantages of QR codes and How is a QR code generated? Step by step guide

This time we will talk about How do you generate a QR code ? What these codes are for and how we can use them. In addition to giving you the details step by step so you can create one. Advantages and disadvantages of QR codes

How is a QR code generated?
Nowadays in the marketing area, QR codes have been used a long time ago, but how a QR code is generated, there are people who think that this is not feasible or that it is old-fashioned. So through this article we will learn more about these, as well as how we can apply it in our companies, in our businesses or where we require it.

Concept Advantages and disadvantages of QR codes

The QR code is those small black and white barcodes, but they can have other colors, but in general they are black and white. These codes can appear on billboards or even in television commercials.

These codes were created in Japan for the automotive industry, but were later implemented by marketers to provide additional information to consumers of the product they are viewing. When the consumer sees the QR code, they can scan it with their cell phone in order to have additional information about the product.

But there are also other types of tools that generate QR codes for free, among which we can name:

QRCodeMonkey : which is a simple tool that will help you create codes for URLs, web pages, places, social media pages, among others. You can also make a Mecard where you can share personal data.

Among the characteristics it has is: it has no limit on the reading duration, it offers high resolution codes, you have the option of adding your logo to the QR code, with custom designs and colors. In addition to offering codes in vector formats among other things.

QRCode-Pro : this tool one of its main characteristics is that the QR codes that you create through this page can be colored. And that you can also do it with just three clicks very easy.

This tool provides us with the latest generation codes, with the option to customize your code, it has the advantage that you can view the statistics in real time. This is an error-proof tool, with a high resolution among other features.

Unitag : through this you will create code with the help of this page, where you can customize the code in an unlimited way. This tool is free and with immediate results, through simple customizations and an unlimited duration in time.

QRCodeGenerator : this is an excellent option if you want to do a quick configuration to make free texts, with URLs and provide contact information. Through this you can design flyers, business cards, brochures among many more options.

Advantages and disadvantages of QR codesDesign and link your QR code

When you plan to design your QR code for your company, we must know how a QR code is generated and how we can personalize it according to your brand, or that it resembles the logo of your company, as well as it could also reflect your company’s website. All that can be solved.

To give you an example, suppose we select as the code generator then we will have to follow these steps:

  1. We must select the type of content that the QR code will teach the consumer.
  2. We will insert the content, that is, the URL.
  3. We will review the preview and customize the design and download it below or embed the code where we need it.

From what you can tell, this is very easy, you just have to customize your QR code. And you can also modify colors, add logo among other things. how to generate qr code

To test the QR code how to generate qr code

After you learn how to generate a QR code, it is always very important to verify the QR code that you generate, for this you will have to test it on readers. In order to have the confidence that any person will arrive without problems to the information that they provide.

Below we will mention some of the names of these QR code readers: how to generate qr code

Google Goggles : it is a free tool that takes any image. And it informs you which link or element is read in it.

QR Code Reader : this tool also directs you to any information. That you indicate the code to expand the information of the user of the product.

Passbook – This is an Apple option. That also offers a QR code reader integrated in iOS 7.

Online QR reader : in this reader you can download your codes and enter it in specialized sites. So it is an excellent option.

Online Tools : most of these have scanners where you will have all the information available just by uploading your file. You must also remember that you also have the option of the cell phone that must also have the function of the QR codes from its cameras, so for this you only have to take an image.

Monitor and analyze the performance of your code how to generate qr code

It is important to monitor the performance of your codes, since this way we will have information on the performance of the codes. We will know how much traffic each code generates, from the users who scan the code, how many redeem the product offer, or we also have the option that they are not interested in scanning the code.

This information that we would obtain will allow us to identify the problem, we would have to find a way to solve it and we have the possibility of modifying the codes that have low performance. So we recommend using a UTM tracking code in the URL to be able to measure the performance of the product.

How to use QR codes in your company

Now that you know how to create a QR code, we will give you an explanation of the things you should and should not do and that will allow you to increase the chances that users will use your code: how to generate qr code

Things to do with the QR code

  • It is important that when you place these QR codes in your company, they are located in places that are convenient for the consumer to scan the product easily. While there are companies that place the codes in their advertisements, these are not the best places for users to scan them.
  • If you get to use the codes in advertising advertisements, use the means of communication that allow the consumer to scan the code without any problem and in places where there is a WIFI connection.
  • The page where users are directed must be optimized for mobile devices, remember that when users arrive to scan the product, it will automatically direct them to a page that has to provide a pleasant experience.
  • It is also very important that we inform users who see the code as the content they will access when doing so if they are scanned.
  • As not all users know what these QR codes are and those who can get to know it will not scan it, it is because they do not know the benefit of doing it.

Things you should not do with the QR code

  • It is important that you do not require a specific QR code scanner, that is, it must be used with any reader to scan the code and this will help more users to connect to the content.
  • It is not necessary to use a QR code just to do it, marketers consider that in order to generate links between online and offline content they must use a QR code.

Information that we can use in QR codes

  • Through these codes we can make promotions and discounts of the products, where with a link that you insert you direct the buyer to a discount coupon for example so that they can use it on a specific product or any of the products that the company sells. how to generate qr code
  • Through videos you can share for example on YouTube in order to explain the use of the product or provide useful content of the product they are offering.
  • We can provide cool app downloads or PDF files that may be of use to consumers.
  • We can also provide specific business information such as location, telephone, email, the company’s website and even its social networks.
  • We can provide WIFI access only by scanning the code of the commercial premises, so that during their visit it can be used by customers from their smartphones.

Where to apply QR codes how to generate qr code

After knowing how to generate a QR code, it is important that we know where we can get to apply them, among which we can mention:

  • In commercial premises specifically physical businesses, where we will place the company code in a visible place so that as soon as they enter they can scan it.
  • In events we can also use it to offer information about the event or its organizers.
  • We can also place QR codes on the product, which provide the consumer with additional product information, contests and even offer discounts on the next purchase.
  • On billboards or brochures where you can direct the person who receives it to the company’s Facebook or Instagram page.
  • In public places where large numbers of people can pass such as bus stops, museums, libraries, theater among others.
  • In the business cards where you can show some additional information about the company where you work through a video for example. how to generate qr code

Tips for using QR codes in your business

Among the tips that we can mention after knowing how to generate a QR code are:

  • The code must ensure that it can be scanned.
  • The code should be a good size.
  • You must have internet in your business.
  • It is important that the URLs in the code are not very long.
  • You must show in a short sentence the benefits of scanning the QR code of the business.
  • You can get to customize your code.
  • It is important that by scanning these codes you can measure the results of the product or service you offer in the business.

Advantages and disadvantages of QR codes

After knowing how a QR code is generated, we can detail the possible advantages and disadvantages of using these codes, among which we will mention: how to generate qr code

Advantage Advantages and disadvantages of QR codes

  • QR codes are widely used in the marketing area of ​​companies to offer campaigns and offers for their products.
  • It is a fairly innovative method where the digital world is joined to the real one.
  • Through these we can provide a lot of product information to users. Advantages and disadvantages of QR codes

Disadvantages Advantages and disadvantages of QR codes

  • It is important to know how to use them in order to have the expected results.
  • These have certain limitations regarding the fact that if you do not have an internet connection in the premises, it will be impossible to use the codes.
  • It is very important that in the codes we do not give confusing information about the products or services, we must be as clear as possible so that they do not lead to confusion.

To end this article we can say that QR codes are very useful for any company or business since through them they can provide information about their products to their customers. As well as granting some benefit for the purchase of the product.

In the case of a private person, he or she can also provide us with basic information about the person in case of need. We also gave you information on how to generate these codes and additionally which readers may interest you. Advantages and disadvantages of QR codes

In the same way, we inform you how to use it in your company, we provide you with the information that these codes should provide. As we also tell you where we can get to use these, we provide tips for their application and finally we gave you the advantages and disadvantages of using these codes.

With all this information that we gave you throughout this article, you will be able to make your decision about the possible application of this type of tools for your company or business. That in some way they can give you more value with respect to others, the difference you provide to the product or service you offer is a value that will always be taken into account by your potential clients or consumers. Advantages and disadvantages of QR codes

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