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ComputerAsker.com is a great opportunity to improve your knowledge, concepts and skills.

Our Presentation:

  • Basic Concepts
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Programming
  • Computer Languages
  • Technology
  • Computer Games

And Much More………..

Our Team

We are teachers, professors and specialists from various fields of educational life and society. Some foreign scholars and philosophers also help to write on certain topics.

Administrator’s Introduction

Name: Rashid Naveed

Father: Mushtaq Ahmed

Born: January 02,1988

Birth City: Rahim Yar Khan (Pak)

Education: Ph.D (IT)

Profession: Lecturer

My Goal

I was very connected with the world of internet. Today everyone needs different websites and content to know the answers to their questions, and they want the knowledge and skills to better compete with trends. Fewer websites that have standard and complete content for that purpose, my team and I went to the extreme. Make a website like this for your daily needs. I hope you enjoy our work. Thank you

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